SuperMAX Battery - 3-Pack

SuperMAX Battery - 3-PackSuperMAX Battery - 3-Pack
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Our 3 battery pack is great way to always have a charged South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette battery or two handy. This great deal lets you customize your batteries by choosing the style, size and automatic or manual all with a big savings.

Available in your choice of sizes – Standard or High Capacity, style - "Cigarette Paper" White or Gloss Black and Automatic or Manual switch. 


The South Beach Smoke SuperMAX™ Battery comes in two different switch options:

Automatic Switch

The Automatic Battery is the easiest battery to use and operates like a traditional cigarette. When you puff on your electronic cigarette, you are telling a computer chip located inside the battery to activate the atomizer and automatically produce vapor. When using the Automatic Battery you can create the thickest vapor by priming your e-cigarette, simply by taking one long deep puff and thicker vapor will be produced on subsequent puffs.

Manual Switch

The Manual Battery has a small button that you press to activate the atomization process and hold down while smoking. Manual batteries require no priming like the automatic batteries and produce thicker vapor more quickly and with less puffs. The Manual battery version will last about 25% less than the Automatic, but will create more vapor. Many people find that the button on the manual battery is manageable and does not interfere with their electronic smoking experience.


The choice of an automatic or manual battery really is a personal preference. You should consider if you don't want to have to press a button, then the automatic battery is probably a better choice for you. On the other hand, the manual battery does produce thicker vapor, and the best choice if you think this will enhance your electronic smoking enjoyment.

Extra batteries are a great idea to insure you are always able to enjoy your e-cig.

For use with the DELUXE e-cigarette only.

Warning: Do not attempt to modify equipment. Please refer to your manual for further safety instructions.

Standard Capacity (2.5 inches) - 300-400 puffs
Available Colors: "Cigarette-Paper" White and Matte Black

Please refer to the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Owner's Manual for detailed instructions on this item.

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