As e-cigarettes make more ground encouraging smokers to choose the healthier alternative they present, the tobacco industry is really feeling the heat. How did tobacco go from sacred herb to deadly vice?

Tobacco as originally used ceremoniously by Native Americans, and it was considered a sacred gift from the Creator. Throughout the Eastern tribes, tobacco was kept in large quantities as a trade item. It was used in every part of life, even in childhood, as it was believed that when the smoke was exhaled it carried the thoughts and prayers of the individual to heaven. The use of tobacco in peace pipes was common, during rituals, and to seal deals. It was the Europeans who developed methods of smoking it in a more casual contexts, as the common tobacco of the day was extremely harsh and would cause intense damage to the lungs in a very short time.

As the prominence of tobacco grew as a trade item, it soon became the cash crop of the American economy, until becoming outdone by cotton.

Tobacco is entirely different than cigarettes. Understand the significance of tobacco traditionally, but the cigarette industry really created something different of a once-sacred plant. Instead of using it for spiritual purposes, it was now all about money, raking in as much as possible, without care who the victims behind the addiction were; children, teenagers, adults, the elderly- it mattered none.

The biggest problem with tobacco addiction is that it is a nonchalant obsession. it can take over your life, but leave you still entirely capable of functioning in an ordinary, every day way, unlike other addictive substances.

This is just one example of why electronic cigarettes are a better option if you want nicotine. Tobacco is dangerous and deadly, the known cause of numerous cancers, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses that are often fatal. E-cigarettes contain no tobacco, and when used do not release any toxins, fumes, or most importantly, smoke. You can use them anywhere, and charge them nearly anywhere as well with all of the great e-cig accessories that are available.

Now is the best time to get a move on if you are still smoking cigarettes, vapor cigs cost less, they offer so many conveniences, and they are far healthier. Think you won’t enjoy them as much as your smokes? Think again, try a starter kit today!