Celebrity Vapor

Because it’s been awhile since the last time we did a celeb feature, here ya go! Here’s the latest list on all the A-listers who

Celebs Caught Vaping

Celebs and vaping; we just can’t get enough! We love vaping, and we love celebrities, so I guess it goes hand in hand! Hollywood A-listers

The Stars and the E-Cig: A Love Story

Celebrities and vaping have gone together since e-cigarettes became a thing. Obviously going after anything with a “cool-factor,” celebs are always on the cutting edge

E-Liquid Flavor Playlist

Music and vaping; it’s a mighty fine duo, don’t you say? If you are dreaming of jamming out to some of the hottest tunes and

It’s In the Stars

Celebrities love e-cigarettes. They have been proud proponents of these innovative products since they first hit the market, and over the years not much has

Electric cigarettes enjoying a Hollywood moment

E-cigs have found themselves in the spotlight as more members of the Hollywood elite continue to embrace the smokeless vaping lifestyle. For some celebrities, it’s

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