E-Cigarettes: Truth or Tale

Often misleading and downright foolish, myths have the capability to go from simple word-of-mouth to published phenomena. The world of electronic cigarettes is chock-full of

E-Cigarette Safety: Why it is SO Important

Canadian teen finds himself at the wrong end of an exploding vapor device. His parents cry foul on the product. The device, an advanced “mech

Our Vape Juice is Diacetyl Free

We’re like to keep up with our reputation for quality, and avoiding certain chemicals is just part of our high-class allure. Case in point: Diacetyl.

The Expensive Cost of Smoking

Saving money on the brain? Here’s how traditional cigarettes cost you a whole lot more than you may be aware of! Substantially overpriced as they

Feel Good, Look Good, Vape Good

Still smoking old fashioned cancer sticks? Worried that switching to electronic cigs will cause a bigger blow-up than the freshman 15? Well, worry not my

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