Vaporizers: Why Ours Rock!

When it comes to vaping, you’ve got so many options. Like, SO many. You can go after models that replicate traditional cigarettes (minus the tobacco,

Tips to Get A Good Throat Hit

Throat hit. No, it has nothing to do with violence, or a fellow vaper aggressively whacking you in throat. It’s that uncanny sensation of vaping,

Getting the Most out of Your Vapes

Most e-smokers who use these amazing products know they are very much low maintenance. Using them is  simple, taking care of them is simple, and

Finals Week and Vaping

At universities and colleges across the US, right now and in the coming weeks, finals week will have everyone hunkering down, cramming, and putting their

Atomizers: What You Need to Know

Atomizers are really cool. Actually they’re hot. They get really hot. They do the heating after all, that creates those luscious clouds of vapor goodness.

Atomizers: All You Need to Know

Atomizers, you know those handy little, strangely-titled mechanisms involved with electronic cigarette function? They are essentials for vaping, and they really do amazing things. Want

Fashion and the E-Cig

E-cigs and vape pens are incredibly fashionable. While they may not be the most typical or conventional fashion accessory, that alone adds to the appeal.

It’s In the Stars

Celebrities love e-cigarettes. They have been proud proponents of these innovative products since they first hit the market, and over the years not much has