DiCaprio and Louis-Dreyfus show off their e-cig style at Golden Globes

E-cigarettes are, without a doubt, becoming quite popular. The convenience, affordability and enjoyment that vaping offers its users are now widely known, and as such, it’s becoming much more frequent to see people smoking e-cigs in many aspects of their daily routines, whether out and about at their favorite bars or kicking back at home.

One of the biggest boosters of the e-cig phenomenon has been its popularity among various Hollywood celebrities. There’s no question about the stylish and refined nature of vaping – especially with products from South Beach Smoke – so it makes sense that it would catch on among a significant number of stars from the film, television and music worlds. The most recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony, which took place Sunday Jan. 12 in Los Angeles, served as a notable example of this, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Louis-Dreyfus being seen enjoying e-cigarettes.

DiCaprio continues his e-cig appreciation
Leonardo DiCaprio, unquestionably one of the biggest movie stars in the world, has been a proponent of e-cigarettes for several years now – since they first started becoming popular. As such, it’s no surprise that he was spotted with an e-cig at the Golden Globes.

According to the Daily Mail, DiCaprio made a point of enjoying his e-cigarette while sitting back and watching his contemporaries receive honors from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for their work in film and TV. The source speculated that he might have been nervous about his chances of winning the award for which he was nominated. He’d earned a nod for the Best Actor (Musical or Comedy) statuette based on his intense, critically acclaimed performance in Martin Scorsese’s controversial new film “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

As it turned out, he had nothing to worry about, as he ended up winning despite being up against revered actors like Joaquin Phoenix and Bruce Dern.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus brings laughs in by vaping
While Julia Louis-Dreyfus got her start in TV on the legendary “Seinfeld” and currently stars in HBO’s comedy “Veep,” her latest Golden Globe nomination was for her work in the independent comedic film “Enough Said.”

This led the event’s hosts, TV stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, to good-naturedly mock her for being too cool to sit near other TV stars. In turn, Louis-Dreyfus decided to jokingly play up her supposed cool by wearing sunglasses and smoking an e-cig, which earned big laughs from the audience when the camera cut to her.