If you're a South Beach Smoke customer, you already know that the rich, satisfying taste of our 100% made-in-the-USA nicotine juice is unbeatable. You also know how liberating it can be to switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, but sometimes, just an electronic cigarette isn't enough to keep you vaping wherever you are. Don't leave home without these essential accessories for your e-cigs.

Universal carrying case
Many smokers choose to keep their tobacco cigarettes in a stylish case, so why not do the same with your e-cigs? South Beach Smoke's universal carrying case is small, compact and has enough room for a single electronic cigarette, a USB charger to keep your battery topped up, and two nicotine juice atomizers. This carrying case is ideal for vapers who can't decide between their two favorite flavors, as you can bring them both with you!

Deluxe portable charging case
Although our deluxe USB and wall chargers are often enough to keep your electronic cigarette's battery at full capacity, sometimes, finding a wall outlet can be more challenging than it sounds, and you wouldn't want to be left with a depleted battery, right? Well, the deluxe portable charging case is the answer.

This slim, black case is designed to resemble a pack of traditional cigarettes, but it's much thinner, meaning it'll take up less space in your pocket or purse. It is made from high-quality and durable hard plastic, so you don't have to worry about your e-cigs being accidentally damaged. Of course, it wouldn't be a charging case if it didn't charge, now would it? Simply insert the battery of your electronic cigarette into the case, as if you were putting a tobacco smoke back in the pack, and your battery will be at full capacity in no time. It can also accommodate up to six spare cartridges, and features a digital display on the front to provide you with a visual indication of how much charge is remaining.

Universal car adapter
If you smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, you might use your car's auxiliary power supply to keep your phone charged on the way to work. However, with the South Beach Smoke universal car adapter, you can use it to recharge your e-cigs, too! Simply plug the adapter into the jack on your dashboard, connect your SuperMAX battery to the other end and wait for the battery to charge – it couldn't be easier.