The statistics regarding electronic cigarette use in America are incredible, and with every year it increases. In 2010, 75,000 units of electronic cigs were sold, and at nearing 1 million, it was pretty impressive. Even more astounding however, was that in 2011, the number climbed way up to 2.5 million sold units! With traditional cigarette sales in upwards of 20 million weekly in the United States alone, there is still massive potential for e-cigarette converts.

And why wouldn’t these millions of tobacco users be interested in coming to the electronic side? Chances are, an enormous amount of them are thinking about quitting, trying to quit, or are in the process of quitting cigarettes. If more and more people are using e-cigs, and these figures continue to turn over at the rate they are going, by the end of this year it can be bet on pretty well that 2012’s electronic cigarette purchases will surely surpass last year’s.

Electronic smokes offer users a wealth of benefits and options, and fit modern lives in so many ways better than ordinary smokes. Besides, conventional cigarettes served past eras in ways that have been entirely outdated. We aren’t looking for disposable convenience anymore, as we are now ultimately concerned with our landfill usage and space, as well as the pollution that exists in our water and land. We are no longer sacrificing our daily health for instant pleasures; it’s more about longterm health and wellness which cigarettes were ultimately toxic to. As a generation and society, our priorities have changed! And therefore, our smoking habits are doing the same!

As for what will surely happen in the future, no one knows for sure. But we can definitely predict based on what’s happening right now in our culture. Making conscious choices in all aspects of our lives is becoming the norm, and electronic cigs just make total sense! Why should we inhale carcinogenic smoke if we can have nicotine without it? Why should we convolute our respiratory systems with tar if we can experience the same pleasure with harmless water vapor? Why be limited to where and when you smoke, when you can do so with the ease that you won’t be releasing smoke? Why settle for the limitations that come with with having to rely on lighters and matches, when e-cigarette accessories are available to use at your convenience? Why should we exert our finances on a product that can kill us when we have the option to choose a greener, cleaner alternative that is a vastly more affordable smoking option?

In short, alternative cigarettes are transiting from being just an alternative to being a major player in the world of nicotine. Vapor is picking up steam for sure!