So you’re taking that great leap of faith into the unknown world of vapor smoking! Congrats! And while you may not think it’s that big of a deal, it really is!

Yet, however excited you may be, there is probably a little trepidation on your part about what you can expect to experience and what it’s really going to be like when you drop the ash forever, in favor of smoke. Here is what you are going to be in for as you take the plunge into the smoke free life!

-E-cigs weigh more than traditional cigarettes, you’ll have to adjust to the weight difference in your hand and mouth. You may find that you like the heavier feel.

-Vapor works a little differently than smoke; it’s not quite hot, doesn’t burn, and may not be as hard-hitting in your throat like smoke. Keep it in mind.

-Your body may react differently than you expect. You might find yourself more thirsty than usual, as well as experiencing some mild withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of toxins in e-cigarettes that your body is most likely used to from traditional cigarettes.

-Tobacco flavored e-cigs may, or may not, be satisfying; you may find that no tobacco flavor e-cigarette cartridges mimic your preferred cigarette flavor identically. Be open to all the many other flavors available with electronic cigarettes. Vanilla, peppermint, piña colada? Options, people, are a beautiful thing!

-Don’t expect an exactly identical experience. Vaping comes really close to the original version, but still has its own unique attributes. Allow yourself the time and open mind to truly get familiar with it all. In our opinion, vaping takes the cake ten-fold.

-Get ready for the amazing lifestyle that comes with being smoke free! No more smoke allows you infinite ways to have more convenience and a dope quality of life!