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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Top E-Liquid Blends

Having a little trouble deciding which e-juice blend to buy? Why not start with our top sellers? See which flavors other vaping connoisseurs choose. With options like Apple Pie, Tobacco and even Cereal flavors, you’re sure to eventually stumble onto your perfect nicotine liquid blend.

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Discover Our Top-Selling E-Cig Juice Blends

When you vape, regardless of whether you're using an e-cig or cartridge device, it should be a unique experience every time. You should never have to use a vape juice that you do not like or one that does not suit your preferences. That is why at South Beach Smoke, we offer some amazing blends that allow you to get a full-bodied flavor that mixes the taste profiles you love for the best e juice experience.

Blends for Individual Tastes

We understand that everybody is different. While your friend may love a smoky, in-depth flavor profile, you may prefer something light and tart. Whatever flavors you gravitate to, you can find one of our blends to be the best vape juice for you.

Some of Our Most Popular Options

We offer so many choices that it might seem a bit overwhelming. Let us help you get to know our flavor blends better so you can find the vape juice you will best enjoy. Some of our top flavors are those that provide a fruity twist. Here are some examples:

Juicy Fruit- The yummiest watermelon, stawberry combo you'll ever try.

Chocolate Cherry Tobacco- The name pretty much says it all - it's sweet and rich.

Melon Candy- A delicious combination of cotton candy and melons.

Carnival Caramel Apple- Relive the first carmel apple you ever had with each drag of your vape pen.

Strawberry Chill- Sweet strawberry flavor with cool menthol.

Melon Berry Razz- Combination of watermelon and tart berry gummies.

Our Top Sweet Treats

We also carry the best-tasting dessert flavors that are more like baked goods or sweets with a sugary edge. These include:

Banana Pancakes- Get your sweet maple syrup and banana flavor fix every time you vape.

Sweet N Silky Tobacco- Tobacco notes with a creamy vanilla ice cream finish.

Tobacco Mint- A menthol tobacco flavor that we can hardly keep in stock!

Manager's Special- This juice combines sugar-glazed donut taste with a smoothe strawberry frosting.

Maple Berry Donut- This is what happens when you mix maple syrup with donuts and gummie candy.

Blueberry Cheesecake- Yummy blueberry cheescake - all day every day!

Strawberry Cheesecake- Pretty much everyone's favorite type of cheesecake.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sammy- PB&J all the way!

Blueberry Donut- This popular option gives you vanilla, glazed donut, and blue gummie with every hit.

Not Your Aunt's Donut- The perfect get up and go flavor profile - maple and donuts!

Heavenly Silk Pie- If creamy, silky chocolate with hints of vanilla and pie crust sounds amazingly good... you need this heavenly fix!

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

Another favorite is our alcohol inspired flavors, which include:

The Godfather- For the sophisticated pallet, we recommend this amaretto and bourbon conconction.

Strawberry Mojito- Few things are quite as refreshing than a strawberry-mint mojito.

Strawberry Celebration- A champagne and strawberry-flavored e-liquid that tastes just like the real thing.

Straw-Bubbly Blue- If you're wondering what champagne infused with blue gummies tastes like, we recommend this choice!

Rum N Cherry Cola- Ask anyone... the only thing better than a rum and coke is a rum and cherry coke.

Amaretto Truffle- Subtle almond notes with a truffle chocolate-inspired finish.

Of course, we offer many more options than those listed here. Some of the other favorite selections we sell include Pumpkin Spice Latte and Saturday Morning Cereal.

Make the Best Taste

Using our blends allows you to customize the vaping experience even more. You can choose different flavor strengths and adjust nicotine levels, bypassing nicotine completely. You can also adjust your VG/PG ratio for a different feel when inhaling. We sell our vape juice in 30ml easy dispensing bottles to make them easy to use as well.

In addition, we offer custom blending options. If you can not find the exact flavor you love in our extensive collection of vaping juice flavors, then you can work with us to create your very own taste profile. Take a little of this and a little of that to produce a one-of-a-kind juice that suits you perfectly.

To learn more about South Beach Smoke and to get more insight into all the different e-ciggarette flavors that we offer, please visit us online.

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