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Clearing the Air! -8 Common Myths about Electric Cigarettes

Although e-cigs have been on the market for quite some time now, there are still many myths circulating around them. If you're an e-smoker, you may be experiencing this from some of your friends and family.  Eventually, truths become known about a product, but it does take time.

Below are 8 common myths that you may be hearing in the media, buzzing around campus or from grandma who thinks you are ruining your life by using them.

Bottom line we must separate fact from fiction.  This information may also help you know what to say if you are confronted with some of these statements and questions.

  1. How can you smoke something that contains anti-freeze??!!

    Anti-freeze?, not true.  A statement by the FDA in 2009 indicated that they tested various e-cigs and discovered traces of diethylene glycol which is found in anti-freeze.  However, as CASSA points out, the FDA only tested 18 cartridges from 2 companies.  One of these cartridges tested 1-percent positive for diethylene glycol.  However, many other tests concluded no trace of this and it is believed the cartridge with diethylene glycol was contaminated.  No other evidence has proven that this is a standard ingredient in an e-cig.

  2. Electric cigarettes are specifically designed so that young people will be attracted to them and want to buy them.

    Just because the advertising and packaging of a product may be "cool" does not mean it is designed to attract kids.  It could just mean that companies like South Beach are aware that their audience may be interested in up-to-date, colorful and interesting ads.  Also, it is vital on reputable e-cig websites that one must be 18 to purchase and have a credit card to get them.  It is not made easily accessible to children.  Some anti- smoking groups believe because it is electronic, it is more interesting to kids.  Ummmm, how many adults have just as big of a fascination with electronics?!?!

  3. The second hand "vapor" is as harmful as second hand smoke.

    Studies have proven over and over that e-cigs contain only a tiny fraction of the carcinogens of a regular cigarette.  Smoke from a regular cigarette contains side stream smoke that people can inhale.  The vapor from an e-cig is nothing like smoke.  The only thing a bystander may inhale is a sweet smelling flavor.

  4. Electric cigarettes are a gateway for young people to begin regular smoking.

    Many critics believe that the yummy flavors and attractive packages will cause young people to smoke regular cigarettes. So many previous cigarette smokers have stated that after trying the flavors of an electric cigarette, regular cigarettes taste bad.  It would be difficult for someone to enjoy a bad taste in their mouth after enjoying the good e-cig flavors that South Beach has to offer.

  5. These things can explode in your face!!

    If you are using your e-cig properly and according to the manufacturer's directions, you should not have any problems with this.  Don't mess around and put the wrong fitting battery or fool with the liquids!  Just smoke and enjoy it as you're supposed to.

  6. I can't believe people smoke them and have no idea what is in them!

    If you are dealing with a reputable company like South Beach, then you will know exactly what ingredients make up our e-cigs. Also, just like in the foods we eat, it is up to you to research a word in the ingredients that you have no idea what it is.  Know what you are eating and e-smoking!  Be educated!

  7. E-cigs cause cancer!

    This has never been proven. In fact, as stated above, studies have shown that e-cigs do not contain the carcinogens of regular cigarettes that have been proven to cause cancer.

  8. Electric cigarettes are going to become illegal in the USA!

    There are no indications that this will happen.  Just because there has been questions and controversy does not mean they will be outlawed.  Regulated perhaps, but not outlawed.

There are many more myths surrounding electric cigarettes. These are some of the most common questions and issues. Please continue to browse our knowledge center and blog for more information regarding e-cigs as well as researching the types of products South Beach offers.
We believe once you try our products, you will you become a true supporter of e-cigs!

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