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Deluxe Cartridges (15-Pack) - Tobacco Classic

Deluxe Cartridges (15-Pack) - Tobacco ClassicDeluxe Cartridges (15-Pack) - Tobacco Classic
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The South Beach Smoke Deluxe Cartridge is built using the patented VaporFlo™ technology. Each cartridge is comparable to at least 1 1/2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. That means that the Deluxe Cartridge is equivalent to paying $2.33 per pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you enroll in our convenient Home Delivery Program, you save an additional 20% which means you get your cartridges for only $2.13 each... that's equivalent to paying just $1.42 per pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Convenient Home Delivery Program - Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

The real savings, however, is in the fact that many people end up smoking less. How many times have you lit a cigarette and smoked the whole thing simply because it was lit and you didn't want to waste it? With your South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette, you can take a drag or two and simply put it away. As you can see, the real savings in electronic cigarettes is in the cartridges.

Home Delivery Program

Through our optional and convenient Home Delivery Program, you have the option of having your cartridges conveniently delivered to your home or office every month at a substantial savings. As a member of our Home Delivery Program, here is what you get:

  • 20% Off Your Cartridges
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Parts
  • Exclusive Sale Events & Promotions
  • No Obligation - Cancel Anytime

NOTE:You will be given the opportunity to enroll in the Home Delivery Program and get the reduced price once you complete your order after checkout.


You can choose your level of nicotine depending on what you would normally smoke from one tobacco cigarette. South Beach Smoke cartridges are available in the following strengths:

  • Bold (24mg) - comparable to traditional non-filtered cigarettes and the strongest of the filtered cigarettes
  • Full Flavored (16mg) - comparable to traditional cigarettes
  • Light (12mg) - comparable to traditional 'Lights'
  • Ultra Light (6mg) - comparable to traditional 'Ultra Lights'
  • No Nicotine (0mg) - cartridges with the flavor but which contain no nicotine at all

NOTE: Many customers that are trying to reduce nicotine consumption, gradually move down their nicotine levels.


In addition to selecting your preferred strength, you can also select from a variety of specially formulated flavors for your enjoyment.

  • Tobacco Classic - for those who enjoy the taste and feel of a rich full flavored tobacco cigarette.
  • Tobacco Blue - The Tobacco Blue blend has a smooth and refined tobacco taste.
  • Golden Tobacco - Embodied with a blend of rich tobacco flavors from all over the world.
  • Menthol - a cool and refreshing blast of flavor every time you puff with our cool Menthol.
  • Double Apple Hookah - Double the apple and strong hookah-inspired tobacco give this flavor a deliciously bold effect.
  • Grape Hookah - Grape Hookah cartridges promise all the flavor and all of the incredible sensations you crave.
  • Frank's Lemon Lime - Inspired by our #1 fan Frank Sparks. Refreshing, crisp and perfect when you need a citrus kick!
  • Orange Mint - Our Orange Mint flavor is a blast of the extraordinary!
  • Tobacco Mint - Sometimes tobacco needs a little assistance. The mint takes it in a whole new, rejuvenating direction.
  • Watermelon - This flavor is nearly as juicy as the real thing, and the flavor is succulently sweet.
  • Vanilla - Ahhh the sweet taste of pure vanilla.
  • Chocolate - Satisfy your urge for that unmistakable milk chocolate taste.
  • Cherry - Let our Cherry flavor create an enjoyable smoke with each draw.
  • Peppermint - Tantalize your taste buds with a sweet taste of Peppermint.
  • Pina Colada - Feel like you're on a beach all day long with the Pina Colada flavor.
  • Peach - Our Peach flavor is even finer than a real Georgia peach.

Please follow the steps below to begin using your South Beach Smoke Cartridges:

  • Unpack a South Beach Smoke Cartridge, and remove any rubber caps (varies by packaging type).
  • Screw the cartridge securely onto the electronic battery. Your South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette will be in stand-by mode as soon as you screw in the cartridge.
  • AUTOMATIC BATTERIES: the second you draw air from your South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette, the atomization process will be triggered and the light indicator at the tip of the South Beach Smoke will light up. When you stop pulling, atomization will cease and the South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette will return to stand-by more.
  • MANUAL BATTERIES: you must press and hold the battery button to trigger the atomization process. When the button is released, the unit will return to stand-by mode.
  • If the LED indicator at the tip of your South Beach Smoke starts flashing continuously and the vapor produced decreases, the battery must be recharged.
  • After 14-16 deep puffs (comparable to smoking one traditional cigarette), we recommend you stop using the South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarette for about 30 minutes before the next use.

Ingredients: Nicotine, Distilled Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Glycerin, Plus some additional ingredients depending on flavor

Nicotine Strength: Bold: 24mg | Full Flavored: 16mg | Light: 12mg | Ultra Light: 6mg | Non-nicotine: 0mg

Customer Reviews

Review by Joel

(Posted on 4/17/14)
Great Taste

This is very much like the tobacco taste I used to love when I smoked cigs but better. It has a sweet taste that I love and I'm sure anyone trying this will too!

Review by Pete

(Posted on 1/24/14)
best tobacco

i love this tobacco flavor - it's got a hint of sweetness but not overwhelming. absolutely the best tobacco i've had.

Review by maxine

(Posted on 1/18/14)
South Beach is the Best with Great customer service

I was a very heavy smoker for 36 year's my biggest trigger point of smoking is the hand to mouth action as well as nicotine, i am now smoke free after using South Beach smokes and hubby is still alive and well, I highly recommend these smokes

Review by Guest

(Posted on 5/22/12)
Great flavor; Weak nicotine

South Beach Smoke has the BEST tobacco flavor...better than GreenSmoke, V2cigs or Volt. If only the nicotine choices were stronger (18mg, 24mg, 32mg), I would be a forever customer. But, going from a full flavored Benson & Hedges to South Beach's "full flavored" (16mg), did not satisfy my nicotine need. I wish they'd offer stronger nicotine!

Review by Guest

(Posted on 4/14/12)
great product & customer service

Did a lot of online research, glad I went with South Beach for my e-cig choice. Pack-a-day smoker for 27 years...no more! Customer service always super nice AND helpfull.

Review by Guest

(Posted on 2/16/12)
Very good

after about 3 days of smoking it i was curious what a actual cig tastes like again and i was like this is nasty so im very happy with the electronic cig and if anyone is trying to quit i would strongly reccomend buy this product.

Review by Guest

(Posted on 1/7/12)
South Beach Is the Best

I bought the South Beach system for my husband as a Christmas gift. He has been trying to quit smoking "forever" and has been unsuccessful. He has had cardiac bypass surgery and was told that if he did not quit he would be dead in 6 mos, because the nicotene effects the blood vessels. So with e- cigarettes, he can safely enjoy smoking without the nicotene and other chemicals. He said that he would have like to have these years ago. He's a carpenter and can also safely smoke without concern of cigarettes starting a fire. Great product. Was so easy to learn to use. Website and information about the product is clear and so I could make a good choice for Barry. Thanks

Review by Guest

(Posted on 11/7/11)
Very worth the savings!

I work in a hospital and had to go outside and off the campus to have a smoke or "sneak" and take the chance at getting caught and fired! now I am almost daring security to catch me, so I can tell them I am not smoking! although my boss says its still the "perception" and I need to be discrete. I LOVE IT! My husband loves it too no more smoke breath!

Review by Guest

(Posted on 7/8/11)
I love it.

Let me give everyone who reads this some advise. I was a 2 pack a day smoker and have been for over 26 years, but after only 1 (one) week on South Beach Smoke premium Electronic Cigarette I was only smoking between 5 and 7 regular cigarettes a day and that is just because I didn't want to shock my system by totally doing away with cigarettes all together. Now it has been 1 month and I only smoke 3 regular cigarettes over a two day period. After the 2nd week I can feel the difference in lung capacity and over all physical well being. Thank You South Beach Smoke For a Healthier And Happier ME.

Review by Guest

(Posted on 4/17/11)

Good quality nicotine delivery system. Gives the feeling of actually smoking. However, the cigarette is much heavier than a regular cigarette. This small difference is overshadowed by the lack of ashes, tar and nicotine smoke stains, and lack of damage to clothing. Like a bird's nest on the ground...

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Nicotine is a highly addictive substance derived from the tobacco plant. Our products do not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, physical ailment, or condition. If you are allergic to nicotine or any combination of inhalants, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you have a heart-condition, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma, consult your physician before using South Beach Smoke nicotine products. Just like traditional tobacco cigarettes, South Beach Smoke Electronic Cigarettes are not approved by the American FDA.

CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 Warning: This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.