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Electronic Smoking – Enjoy Nicotine without the Harmful Environmental Impacts

Today's generation is more environmentally conscious than any other—except maybe the next. This is the age of going green , and it applies to every facet of modern life.

Young adults today prefer to smoke electronically rather than the smellier, higher impact traditional cigarettes. Vapor smoking gives the feeling of nicotine without harming the environment in several ways, including:

  • No secondhand smoke chemicals going into the air around you and others. 
  • Only nicotine gas, water and propylene glycol are released through e-smoking. 
  • No butts, therefore no litter on streets and sidewalks. Since an electric cigarette lasts as long as 40 traditional cigarettes, that's quite a reduction in waste. Traditional cigarette butts are responsible for more than 1/3 of the litter on the entire planet and in fact are the most littered items in the entire world. 
  • Electric cigarettes are also recyclable, which reduces stress on landfills as well. 
  • Littered butts also end up in water supplies. Saturation then causes several toxic chemicals found in cigarette filters to leach into the water. This has proven to have disturbing consequences on aquatic and bird life who mistake the filter for food and become poisoned.

As electronic smoking becomes even more popular, continued improvements to the device will bring about ways to leave an even smaller environmental footprint. There are constantly new and exciting advancements being made that have applicable uses in electric cigarette technology. Studies in faster-charging, more durable lithium batteries for example will lead to yet another substantial reduction in waste.

E-smoking brings us one step closer to reducing our overall environmental footprint on the Earth.

So, go ahead and enjoy the vaping experience knowing you are not one of the old crowd who pays no attention to the environment. You are among the E-Generation: everything you do involves electronics—and that includes your cigarettes.

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Or, feel free to browse around our vaping blog and knowledge center to learn more about the environmental and health benefits of e-smoking.

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