Don’t Be Mislead!

If electronic cigarettes are new to you, researching online may present an enormous array of contradicting information. On one hand, there are many e-cigarette review sites, where real users are giving feedback and their experience with different brands. And then there are published articles coming out that boast different outrageous claims to keep people from buying them, and discouraging their use. For those with little experience, this can be really overwhelming, and you can be left unsure what the best direction may be.

Alternative cigarettes are being targeted by anti-smoking groups, as well as the tobacco industry, because of their quick rise in popularity, as well as their immense usefulness. It is true that e-cigarettes are a relatively new product and no major studies have been done on their ultimate safety. Obviously, however, they have been deemed safe enough for sale and use for several years now. The tobacco industry knowingly claims the lives of millions every year, and has profited in doing so since their inception. It took the passing of laws for cigarette companies to start adding warning labels to their products, and even still they operate with little morality.

It’s pretty wonderful that tobacco is now being replaced by electronic. If you remove all of the negative aspects of conventional cigarettes, you are essentially creating a better, cleaner product. E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco, do not release smoke, and they contain none of the chemicals such as formaldehyde, arsenic, or ammonia which traditional cigarettes do. Second hand smoke kills just the same as inhaling firsthand, and with e-cigs, the only thing released upon puffing is vapor. Nicotine is released from the liquid solution when the smoker puffs, activating the atomizer; fire is never used. By removing the known ills, and replacing them with a simpler formula, you get a healthier way to “smoke.” While South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes are not sold or marketed as smoking cessation products, many have used them to reduce their intake of nicotine, as well as lessen their cravings by having a greater level of control.

Above all, we are all presented with the same choices, and hopefully this message will help others make the right, well-informed decisions for themselves. Tobacco or electric? I’d obviously go smoke-free.