WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tobacco Cartridge Flavors

Explore the entire collection of South Beach Smoke tobacco cartridges to find the perfect match for your favorite tobacco vape pen. Getting the right tobacco cart for your taste and flavor preference is easy with our wide range of products, from tobacco classic to our notoriously bold golden tobacco. Treating your tobacco flavored vape pen with the right cartridge can shift your vaping experience into new, smoother territory, and South Beach Smoke aims to bring every customer there; with full-flavored options and bundle deals that save you cash, vaping with us is an easy choice. Enhance your experience with South Beach Smoke and never wonder if you're getting the most out of your tobacco vape pen or tobacco cartridges again

What is the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Tobacco Classic Flavor?

This flavor is for the E-Cigarette user who’s seeking an experience similar to traditional cigarettes. These cartridges carry a robust, rich tobacco flavor that’s slightly sweet. It’s a flavor that conjures hints of classic cigarettes like Marlboro, Pal-Mal, Winston, Basic, Lucky Strikes, Doral, and Chesterfield.

What is the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Tobacco Blue Flavor?

Looking for something with a little less kick? Our Deluxe Tobacco Blue flavor tones down the flavor profile without compromising its strength. Fans of smoother cigarettes like Parliament, Viceroy, Benson & Hedges, Kent, Merit, and L&M, will love the satin sleekness of this premium flavor.

What is the South Beach Smoke Deluxe Golden Tobacco Flavor?

Sometimes you’re in the mood for something a little exotic. At South Beach Smoke, we’re here to please your palate. Our Deluxe Golden Tobacco flavor is our take on Turkish or Middle-Eastern blended tones. It has a rich unique flavor that you can only find in cigarettes like Camel, Kent, American Spirit, and Marlboro Turkish Royals.