On the Subject of Starter Kits

The easiest way to start out with electronic cigarettes is always with a starter kit. They’re simple, and you can order one as basic, or as complex as you wish. Even for experienced users who just want to upgrade to a more in-depth package, starter kits make buying easy.

South Beach Smoke carries five different kits, and they are all quite different. With two different styles of e-cigs available, when purchasing you can choose which model design you want, as well as the level of accessories you think you may need. The Premium model is the basic e-cigarette, and is a three-piece design. It consists of the battery, the atomizer, and the cartridge. This is the general electronic cigarette style you will see being sold. The Deluxe model is somewhat more advanced, and is an even simpler design consisting of two pieces, just the battery and cartridge, which the atomizer is built into. Therefore, whenever you replace the cartridge, you will get a new atomizer. Reviewers have praised this design highly for its efficiency, and its excellent performance.

When choosing a starter kit, you can pick from three different kits with the Deluxe style, or two different kits with the Premium style. As you may very well know, there is a wide range of different accessories, and the kits vary depending on them. Some people prefer the ‘less is more’ route, and go for the most low-key kits. In this case, I would opt for the Deluxe Starter Kit, which includes the Deluxe style e-cig, two different sized batteries, a wall charger, and five large cartridges. For an even more simplified experience, you can go with the Premium Starter Kit, which is similar but it comes with only one battery, one atomizer, a wall charger, and six cartridges. From there, the starter kits expand in accessories. The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit is the top of the line, most inclusive of all the kits. If you want accessories, this pretty much has them all. The best part, is that it comes with 15 Large cartridges, which equates to 21-24 packs of regular cigarettes.

E-cigarette starter kits are the preferred choice for novices and exerts alike. They are extremely convenient, and they come packaged with everything you want and need for  tobacco-free smoking!