Going on a Cruise? Take E-Cigs with you!

Smokers may be out of luck, yet again, when it comes to go on vacation. American people in general smoke far less than in years past, and this reflects our daily and vacation habits. While smoking bans have occurred nearly everywhere, cruise ships are now tightening the bans further. Some cruises may even become smoke free. These restrictions have come because over time, and many surveys of their clientele, it has become apparent that most people who go on cruises do not smoke cigarettes. However “most” does not cover the entire population, and for those who smoke cigarettes, they will now only have a very limited space aboard to smoke. What’s a smoker to do? Opt for the smarter, healthier, and much savvier traveling counterpart, electronic cigarettes!

If you are a smoker who is turning to e-smokes because of an impending cruise vacation, get a starter kit ASAP! Not only will you be free to smoke as you please, wherever you want, but there are plenty of e-cig accessories that can make smoking electronically very easy while you are away. You probably won’t have much use for the car adapter or USB charger while you are on board, but you will definitely get a lot of use from the Personal Charging Case. It charges your batteries while it holds them, and can fit in a pocket, or any small purse.

On vacation, e-cigarettes are perfect. In fact no matter what you have going on, if you smoke cigarettes, electronic is the way to go. You can smoke e-cigs everywhere, and because they emit no smoke, you won’t be disturbing anyone; indoors or out. On a cruise ship if you are at the bars, clubs, in the casino, hanging out by the pool, even in the privacy of your own room you’ll be free to do so. And with all the current issues we keep hearing about cruise ship troubles, cigarettes are deemed just another way to start a fire. Electronic cigarettes are smoke free! You definitely won’t be starting any fires with the water vapor, or the lack of combustion from the battery!