Celebrity Advocates of CBD

We’re used to celebrities being on the cutting edge of the latest trends and hot topics, whether they’re sporting the newest designer styles, being the

SBS Friday the13th CBD Deals

Friday the 13th CBD Deals

Friday the 13th is upon us – and you know what that means? Our “killer” CBD deals are here, and they’re an absolute scream! When

How to Vape CBD Oil and Why

For the uninitiated, vaping CBD might seem intimidating – but it’s actually one of the easiest and most convenient ways to incorporate CBD into your

What is THCA

What is THCA?

The marijuana plant – and the entire Cannabis plant genus – is host to a massive variety of active compounds, offering a mile-long list of

Can you bring CBD on Airplanes

Can I Board a Plane with CBD Products?

With many consumers reporting that CBD is key in reducing anxiety, stress, aches, and pains, it makes sense that one of the places it would

What is CBD?

CBD is showing up in everything from vape juice to smoothies, and everyone is talking about the so-called plant-based powerhouse. But what is CBD, and

Vaping experience

Summer Vaping Tips

Sweet summertime – the season of sun, hanging poolside, backyard barbecues, and vacations aplenty. With the arrival of warm weather and sun-filled days, there’s no