Double the Fun: Dual Usage

Options are pretty awesome, they make life work for you in many ways. When it comes to vaping, one of the best things available are

Father’s Day E Cigarette Gifts

Not sure what to get Dad this year for Father’s Day? Here are a look at some of the top gifts guys and dads typically

Choosing a Nicotine Strength for Vaping

Choosing an appropriate nicotine strength is super important to your experience when vaping. Some novices may jump right out of the smoking boat, thinking bigger,

Etiquette for Vapers

It’s time for a little etiquette refresher, y’all! Because you know, when you’re vaping away and creating those massive clouds, the last thing you want

Ready, Set, Summer!

Summertime. Or summah time…. However you pronounce it! Vaping in the summer is fantastic, it makes all the warm weather pursuits even better. Whether you

Getting the Most out of Your Vapes

Most e-smokers who use these amazing products know they are very much low maintenance. Using them is  simple, taking care of them is simple, and

Mother’s Day E Cigarette Gifts

Mom’s vape, smoke, and enjoy nicotine just like the rest of us! If you’re looking for the best gifts to get your mom, or any

Let’s Talk Flavor

We know all about flavor. We know how important it is in the enjoyment of vaping, and we know that it is crucial to having