Although they might look – and feel – a lot like traditional tobacco smokes, e-cigs are actually remarkably sophisticated pieces of equipment. Inside each South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette is a wide range of complex electrical components that sets our e-cigs apart from the competition. Our e-cigarettes are highly resilient, but just as with any other piece of electronic equipment, knowing how to take care of your e-cig will prolong its life and ensure you can enjoy the rich, thick water-based vapor with each and every puff.

Initial usage guidelines
When your South Beach Smoke e-cigs arrive in the mail, you'll probably be itching to try them out. However, for the best vaping experience possible, make sure your electronic cigarette's battery (the part that resembles the actual "body" of the cigarette) is fully charged. This is as easy as plugging your wall or deluxe USB charger into a power outlet and connecting the battery. If you purchased a Deluxe Starter Kit, you can also use the portable battery charger to see a digital display of how much charge your e-cig's battery has retained.

Each South Beach Smoke cartridge lasts for between 300 and 400 puffs, which is equivalent to around 30 traditional tobacco smokes. Although you can deplete your e-cig's battery completely if you choose, it is best to recharge the battery when the indicator – the orange light at the tip – begins to dim noticeably. This helpful indicator not only makes the vaping experience more realistic, it also provides you with a visual reminder that it's time to charge your battery.

Best practices
E-cig cartridges are easily replaced, and do not need to be depleted before they can be switched out. This means you can adjust the amount of nicotine depending on your tastes, as well as switch out the flavors if you feel like a change. Once you begin to notice the density of the vapor is lessening, or it's becoming harder to take as satisfying a puff, it's time to replace the cartridge.

When replacing an e-cig cartridge, unscrew the cartridge carefully, and ensure that the replacement is tightly secure before using your e-cigarette. Don't affix the new cartridge too tightly, though, as this will make it more difficult to change later. Store your e-cigarette cartridges in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and excessive moisture. Also, do not attempt to open the cartridge, as this can lead to damage.

Safety first
South Beach Smoke's range of in-car, deluxe USB and wall chargers make it easier than ever to recharge the battery of your electronic cigarette – not to mention the convenience and mobility of the portable power supply. However, as with any other electrical devices, be sure to use these chargers and your e-cigarettes safely.

Avoid using power strips with numerous electrical outlets if possible. Should you choose to use a power strip, ensure to use one with a built-in surge protector to avoid accidental damage to the electrical components of your e-cig. Don't leave chargers plugged in when they are not in use, as this can be dangerous and can even raise your electrical bill.

Also, it probably goes without saying, but keep your e-cigs and accessories away from water! 

By following these simple, straightforward tips, you can ensure that your electronic cigarette lasts and continues to provide you with the smooth, satisfying flavor and richness of traditional tobacco smoke. Ready to experience the pleasures of vaping for yourself? Then order a disposable electronic cigarette today, or dive right in and save by purchasing one of our Deluxe Starter Kits!