Always committed to continuously developing our products, South Beach Smoke has just unveiled the SuperMax lithium ion battery for their Deluxe series. It is a brand new, totally improved version of their last battery design. While many customers will wonder why, because our last battery model was just fine, we like to stay ahead of the pack. As far as electronic cigarette batteries go, it is the most technologically advanced version on the market. It promises to have a very long life, and short charge, so that above all it is convenient. Both Deluxe sizes; Standard and High Capacity, will now contain this battery. Just like all of our previous models, the SuperMax batteries will feature the same gleaming crystal at it’s end. The signature orange glow will still be there every time you puff on it, so in terms of looks it is really no different. When purchasing, you can choose between black or white, and the two different switch types, Manual or Automatic.

Having extra batteries is always a good idea. Running out at the worst moment is never fun, and having backup is just smart. You can never be too prepared, and it will make your life simpler to keep batteries where you need them. In the car, at home, in your purse or bag, at the office- you get the picture. This ensures that you won’t be stuck without one, and are always ready to go. Unlike regular cigarettes, you don’t have restrictions when you smoke e-cigs. You can literally smoke anywhere; take advantage of it!

If you are not sure which battery size to go with, it’s never a bad thing to have one of each. The High Capacity is 3.25 inches long, and has a 500-600 puff capacity. The Standard, slightly smaller is 2.5 inches long, and has a 300-400 puff capacity. Another aspect to keep in mind, if you use the Personal Charging Case, or plan to, it works only with the Standard battery. We can’t say enough about this e-cigarette accessory, and how amazingly convenient it is to have. If you don’t have one definitely consider it!

So, there you have it: a basic run down discussing everything concerning electronic cigarette batteries! If you are considering e-smoking, or are a longtime user, how thrilled are you for the new SuperMax batteries?