Deal of the Week: Explore the World of Vaping with the Eleaf iCare Starter Kit

Get ready for the excitement you guys, it’s time for your weekly dose of savings with our Deal of the Week! This week we are making it really easy to start enjoying the good life; AKA the vape life! If you already vape, then you’re in luck because you can upgrade to this amazing starter kit for a seriously great price! If you’re a smoker looking for some change, then this kit was designed precisely with you in mind as the most advanced beginner mod. So, get ready to save on the Eleaf iCare Starter Kit; this kit is going to be priced at 10% off for this week only, and it is the most fantastic, enjoyable, and handy mod around!

The Eleaf iCare Starter Kit is an amazing option for vaping. This kit comes with everything you need for a proper experience, with its own unique twist on the process. This is the ultimate starter kit for beginner vapers who have never tried even the simplest vapor device, and it is also amazing for those who have tried e-cigs and other basic products, but want a little more performance. This stripped down mod was designed to do just that, along with provide a very enjoyable experience, without any complications. There is nothing to figure out, nothing to set, nothing to have to learn. The instructions are pretty cut-and-dry, making it easy to enjoy the thousands of different e-liquid flavors ahead, without having to explore the world of vaping with frustration.

Additionally, if you know anyone who could benefit from going smoke-free, or needs a change in their life away from tobacco, this kit makes an amazing gift. Smokers will love the powerful hits that mimic the feeling of smoke, and also the simple build that does not involve and high-level knowledge of vape devices in order to use it. And, at this price, it just can’t be beat, so think ahead of any smokers you know who may enjoy the gift of vapor!

As far as simplicity goes, it just does not get better than this kit. It’s as simple as could be. Mod performance with utter freedom. There are no fire buttons, no dials, and nothing to configure. Even the coils are predetermined. It’s already set up, straight out of the box. With an easy to fill 1.8ml internal tank, all you have to do is remove the top, fill it up with the e-liquid of your choice, reattach it and start vaping. The mod boasts max 15w output, which may seem low if you’ve heard of the super-high wattage devices, but remember, the Eleaf iCare is geared towards the beginner or e-cig vaper, who has not yet mastered the ranks of the high-performance sector yet. As an introductory device, this is plenty of power, and along with its 650mAh battery, you could not ask for a better combination of power and performance in a starter device.

The Eleaf iCare Starter Kit includes:

1- Eleaf iCare Mod

2- IC 1.1 ohm Head

1- USB Cable

1- User Manual

So, this week, jump into the pool of savings with the Eleaf iCare Starter Kit, specially priced at 10% off as our Deal of the Week. The ultimate kit for beginners or cig-a-like vapers, this intro to the world of vaping is an amazing way to enjoy the pleasures of vaping without getting too technical. Awesome performance, great specs, easy to use and maintain, top quality, convenience, and big time savings; what more could you ask for?

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Where Does Vaping Nicotine Come From?

Vaping is the premier alternative to smoking. It offers an incredible option instead of smoking, recreating the experience with a method that involves no combustion, no smoke, no tar, and no actual tobacco, while enabling the user to choose their desired level of nicotine, if they even want nicotine involved. It is revolutionary in its delivery, and has inspired millions of smokers all over the world to make the switch. Nicotine is as much as a part of the picture of vaping as vapor is; it’s one of those essential components that makes vaping so effective and so successful. However, has it ever occurred to you where the nicotine in e-liquid comes from?

Nicotine in e-liquids can come from a variety of different sources, but it most notably is extracted from a plant in the tobacco family (though not from the same tobacco which is smoked). It is the same type of e-liquid commonly used in Nicotine Replacement therapies. Synthetic tobacco also exists, however up until very recently, it has not been a typical source for the nicotine in e-liquids because it is extremely costly to produce. However, this is slowly changing as more companies invest in research to develop products that steer away from associating with tobacco entirely. Currently, there are very few vape liquid companies using synthetic nicotine in their e-liquids, but this may change as the technology advances and more companies see the benefit in investing in such endeavors.

Nicotine does not have the best reputation, as it is so closely related to smoking cigarettes, yet it is an entirely natural substance. While it can be produced in a synthetic manner, did you know that nicotine is present in many non-tobacco sources? It is found in the nightshade family of plants, and is readily produced in peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes in very small quantities (too small to extract efficiently though). As far as tobacco goes, humans have been growing it since approximately 6000 BC, and it has evidently been consumed for thousands of years, therefore humans have been consuming nicotine right along with it.  

Even though nicotine has earned a negative association due to its prevalence in tobacco, it is not truly the most dangerous component of tobacco by any means. There has been no evidence in scientific research to prove that nicotine causes cancer, while it has been proven that other chemicals found in tobacco are carcinogenic. Additionally, further research has found nicotine to possibly hold much potential in the medical world, with promise in the areas of treating depression, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.

If you’re searching for the best e-liquids, made with the safest ingredients, look no further than South Beach Smoke. Our nicotine liquids are made with USP Grade Kosher ingredients, and our glycerin is sourced from soybeans – so interacting with peanut allergies is not a worry for our customers. Additionally, the ingredients in our juices are GRAS approved as inhalation-grade, making them safe for inhalation, they are all diacetyl-free, and produced in an FDA-registered lab, under cGMP operation standards. Want the best e-liquids? Look no further!

Nicotine and vaping are so intertwined; while many vapers often avoid it due to having weaned themselves off of it, or enjoy the experience of sub ohm vaping, which is best done with little to no nicotine, it’s one of those aspects that is not going anywhere. And, as a vaper, you probably want to know where your nicotine is coming from, especially if you’re concerned about tobacco and its dangers. Luckily, the nicotine in vaping is not a threat to those wanting to steer clear of tobacco. While it may be derived from a plant in the tobacco family, it is not the same as the tobacco you may be accustomed to smoking. So, in essence, the simple answer is that the nicotine contained in e-liquids is extracted from tobacco.

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Who Created Vaping?


Vaping, the most modern way to smoke. The cleaner, fresher, more friendly way to smoke. The digital, innovative, smoke-free way to enjoy nicotine and the feeling of smoking with no actual smoke or tobacco. Yes, you know what vaping is. However did you know its origins can be traced back to 1963?

In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert patented an electronic cigarette device that was intended to replace traditional cigarettes. It would remove the burning aspect of a normal cigarette, and involved using flavored vapor in lieu of smoke for the hit, however despite receiving the patent in 1965 for his invention, it was decades ahead of its time. Cigarette smoking was still quite popular and considered a fashionable pastime, and despite having created prototypes, the invention was shelved because there was little interest and no commercialization of the product. Years later in 2013, Gilbert commented on the industry, stating that the modern e-cigarette was following the original design he created back in 1963.

Fast forward 4 decades, and Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, loses his father to lung cancer after years of heavy smoking. Himself a smoker, Lik quit smoking seeing the death as a warning sign. Also a professional inventor, Lik conceptualized and developed the modern electronic cigarette, and he is credited with today’s version, for which he patented in 2003. By 2004, the first modern e-cigarette was introduced to the Chinese market, and they were instantly a hit. By 2007, electronic cigarettes were entering the US and European markets, and the demand was growing.

So in essence, vaping as we know it, was created by two individuals, at two very different periods of time, in two opposite sides of the world. Similar ideas, similar concepts, similar purposes, decades apart.

However, vaping itself is a very tech-centered industry. The industry is over a decade old, however the innovations are happening on a daily basis. The earliest vapers really helped propel the industry to where it is now. It is because of their innovations, testing, trial and error, critical thinking, and ingenious experimentation that so many of the advancements have occurred as quickly as they have; innovation in action.

Few industries exist to where the forward movement of the entire entity can be attributed to the workings of their people. In the case of vaping, it is everyday vapers who have done this! It is really remarkable, when you think of it. For a $2+ billion industry, driven ahead by innovative companies and users, and to achieve these kinds of developments in so short a period of time is utterly astounding. So massive is vaping, that some countries such as the UK, have adopted the method as a serious alternative to cigarettes at a nationwide, governmental, public health level. One decade in, and this invention is disrupting an industry that has existed in America since colonizers first landed here. Think about that!

Vaping was developed to offer an alternative to smoking, which carries with it the baggage of being tremendously dangerous to the health. Whether credit goes to Herbert A. Gilbert who originally came up with the idea and patented it in the early 1960’s, or the modern day inventor who designed the e-cigarette as we know it, we cannot be more grateful for the innovation and technology behind these amazing products. Vaping is ever-changing because it is an industry built on change, and we here at South Beach Smoke are immensely proud and stoked to be a part of it!

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Deal of the Week: Aspiring Awesomeness with the Aspire Plato All-in-One Vaporizer Kit

South Beach Smoke - Aspire Plato All in One Kit

South Beach Smoke - Aspire Plato All in One Kit

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Well, with South Beach Smoke, we are totally into giving you some sweet savings, and our Deal of the Week gets you something new and awesome every week. That’s right; it’s always different, so you can grab up these goods weekly.

This week, the deal is the Aspire Plato All-in-One Vaporizer Kit, which is currently 10% off, for this week only! Talk about savings and exploring all the amazing options! If you’re into vaping and are aiming to try something new, don’t let this deal slip past you.

The Aspire Plato can be described as one vaporizer to rule them all; one vaporizer that does it all. As an all-in-one, like the name implies, it’s an all-in-one unit that is comprised of the battery and tank. As an all-in-one, you may expect a difficult time dealing with liquid refills, however, this device was designed differently. It was crafted to include a super simple refill system via the side filling port. The tank is also noteworthy, boasting an incredibly large size at 5.6ml! Powered by just a single 18650 battery, you can expect a lightweight device that powers up for a long time through your vaping.

The Aspire Plato All-in-One kit offers everything you need for phenomenal vaping. It provides you with the necessities, plus some extras necessary to get down ‘n dirty with an amazing vaping experience. It promises total convenience, and mad performance. If you want one great kit for vaping, let this be it! The kit includes one Aspire Plato vaporizer, one BVC atomizer with a pre-installed 1.8 ohm coil, one sub ohm atomizer cartridge with a 0.4 ohm Kanthal Clapton coil, one stainless steel drip tip, one Delrin drip tip, one Aspire 2500 mAh 20A 18650 battery, one micro USB cable, and one key. Furthermore, the Aspire Plato is available in your choice of 6 gorgeous colors: Black, Dark Blue, Grey, Pink, Rose Gold, and White.

The wattage range on this device runs from 1 – 50W, with a temperature range from 200° – 600°. Adjustable airflow enables the option to control the flow of air into the device to ensure you get the optimal hit. You have the option to use a variety of different coils, and have the added benefit of two juice ports. Sounds good, doesn’t it? The options for high-performance are many, and the actual workings on the Aspire Plato are beautifully simple. Consider this the best of all worlds where vaping is considered; simplicity and precision result in a very fun mod!

South Beach Smoke is so excited to be offering a new Deal of the Week every week because giving you added savings on the good stuff makes for a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties involved. Our current deal is no different! Normally priced at $54.95, for this week only, you can save 10% on the fabulous Aspire Plato All-in-One Vaporizer Kit and we suggest you jump on it! This kind of deal on a device this advanced is definitely something to score. We hope these savings make your week go by a little brighter, so take advantage, save some cash, and get your hands on this amazing starter kit that hooks you up with pure vaping awesomeness!

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Introducing South Beach Smoke Deals of the Week!

We’ve got some new excitement in store for you all! We know how much you love to save some cash when it comes to scoring your vape gear, so we decided to make shopping with us that much more fun. Every week, from here on out, we will be offering a new “deal” that will give you some amazing, added savings on something new every week.

So, to kick things off, this week we’ve got some fab savings on an amazingly versatile mod, the Innokin Coolfire IV ISub 40W Kit. This awesome device, normally priced at $39.95 is currently going for $35.95, for this week only! It’s a total steal so we suggest getting your hands on it, with these savings, ASAP!

The Innokin Coolfire IV ISub 40W is such an exceptional device. It offers a wide array of options, enables users to have a fully sub ohm experience. It features stainless steel construction, a wide bore drip tip, 12X3 mm adjustable airflow slots, and wattage output up to 40W. It is the ultimate beginner vape device, that lacks nothing in the way of power, performance, and ease of use. The user has the option of different low and high resistance atomizers, which can be an amazing way to explore the world of vaping.

The kit includes:

  • 1- Innokin Cool Fire IV 40W Box Mod
  • 1- 4ml Innokin iSub Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1- USB Charging Cable
  • 1- eGo Adapter

*Packaged in an authentic box, with a scratch-off code for additional assurance that you’re getting an authentic device.

So, this deal of the week is one hell of a deal, and whether you’re a beginner, or just aiming for a very easy to use, powerful, and fun device, the Innokin Coolfire IV ISub 40W Kit is the way to go! For this week only, it’s available at an incredible price, so we invite you to take advantage of this amazing Deal of the Week! Vape on, friends!

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