Dry hits: they’re never pleasant. They’re awful! If you’ve never had one, consider yourself to be extremely luck! They taste horrific, produce a ghastly experience, and basic ruin what would have otherwise been a lovely vape session. We’ve all been there, and it’s seriously no fun. Here’s how to avoid them!

What is a Dry Hit?

Literally, it’s a dry hit. It tastes gross, it’s dry, kinda scrapes your throat, and is not good for your health. You want to avoid them always; if you’ve experienced this dreaded phenomena you know the consequence!

What Causes Dry Hits When Vaping?

An empty vaporizer tank; no liquid causes the atomizer to burn the wick. Did you add enough liquid to the tank to rectify this?

How to Avoid Them:

Pay attention and avoid mindless chain-vaping to make sure you’ve got enough juice in the tank at all times.

If the problem is continuous, you may need an e-liquid with a lower VG content, as it can be quite thick and more difficult/ slower to soak into your wick. If this is your case, go with a higher PG content in your liquid.

Think Quality. A high-quality vaporizer/ mod will be less likely to give you such troubles, so always go with the best you can. As you know, dry hits suck. Pay attention to your usage, and you’ll be able to avoid them!