The True Facts About Vaping

E-cigarettes are pretty popular, and with popularity comes rumors and myths. And although electronic cigarettes have been around for a little while now, especially with

Up Your Sex Appeal with E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are hot, and using them can make you even hotter. Now, you may be thinking such a statement is ludicrous, however, most smokers switch

E-Cigs in the Office

Vaping is totally different than smoking, and because electronic cigarettes offer their users so many more options than traditional cigarettes, and they happen to be

Things Only a Vaper Experiences

When you vape, life is just different. It’s like being part of a select club, or a secret society where people who don’t vape just

Top Ratings Make Us Happy!

We love getting feedback, whether it’s from our customers or industry experts, even if it is on the critical side because we know the importance

Throat Hit: What You Need to Know

You will hear a lot of chatter about “throat hit” in e-cigarette conversations. It’s one of those little factors that weighs in pretty heavily when

24mg Strength Cartridges: They Rock!

Did you know about our 24mg cartridges? They were recently added to our arsenal, and it would be in your best interest to check them