Vaping FAQ for Beginners

Got questions about vaping? We’ve got answers! Keep reading for some beginner-vaper basics! Vaping is awesome; it just may take a little time getting used

E-Cigarettes: Truth or Tale

Often misleading and downright foolish, myths have the capability to go from simple word-of-mouth to published phenomena. The world of electronic cigarettes is chock-full of

How to Answer Vape-Related Questions!

Here are some of the interesting things you’re probably going to get asked as a vaper… And how to answer them! Because humans are a

Etiquette for Vapers

It’s time for a little etiquette refresher, y’all! Because you know, when you’re vaping away and creating those massive clouds, the last thing you want

Coughing While Vaping

Coughing when smoking is one thing, but coughing when vaping is another. I mean, isn’t the cough supposed to be gone when you eliminate the

Control: Grab Your Smoking by the Horns

One of the best features about vaping in general, as opposed to smoking, is the many options for control. There are so many ways traditional