Things Are Fresher with E-Cigarettes

Wherever you smoke, if it is not outdoors, and highly ventilated, the smell will remain, and it can take forever for it to go away.

How Technology is Changing the Smoking Game

Cigarettes never seemed entirely old fashioned until electronic cigarettes hit the scene. Now they seem very much like a habit from the last century, and

Celebrities Who Vape

Celebrities have always been on the cigarette bandwagon, and these days they are way more into the electronic offerings. In fact, some of e-cigarettes’ earliest

When Did Vaping Hit the Mainstream?

In a study just released, stats have it that 60% of adult Americans are aware of e-cigarettes! Current US stats for the number of smokers

Tobacco Vapes as Replacement For Cigs

Vapor cigarettes are becoming so normal and accepted, that every time I go out with friends, to a bar or some kind of social event,