Truth VS Rumor: The Truth About E-Cigs

Have you heard some whacky things about electronic cigarettes? Have you heard some odd stories, or tales that made you furrow your brow and wonder

When Did Vaping Hit the Mainstream?

In a study just released, stats have it that 60% of adult Americans are aware of e-cigarettes! Current US stats for the number of smokers

Celebrities Love South Beach Smoke!

Celebrities love e-cigs. We love it when celebrities get spotted casually using them too! So for both parties, it works out pretty well. South Beach

On the Subject of Starter Kits

The easiest way to start out with electronic cigarettes is always with a starter kit. They’re simple, and you can order one as basic, or

E-Cigarettes and Heart Disease

There is no shortage on talk about warnings on e-cigs, and how because there are no released approvals from the FDA and other such regulatory

E Cig Airport Rules

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Change Your Life with E-Cigs

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