WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Electronic Cigarette Comparison


*** Note: The Premium has been discontinued and we no longer sell Premium Cartridges ***

The Premium offers 3-part technology (battery component, atomizer, & cartridge), standard to the electronic cigarette industry. The Premium's improved atomizer is a separate piece from the cartridge, & stays with the battery for continuous reuse. The only thing you replace is the cartridge which contains the flavored nicotine solution. Premium Starter Kit Manual

South Beach Smoke PREMIUM Electronic Cigarette


The Deluxe original patented 2-part technology (battery component & atomizer cartridge) offers the industry's best smoking experience with its disposable all-in-one atomizer cartridge. This all-in-one atomizer cartridge provides a new & clean smoking experience each time the cartridge is replaced, & eliminates any need for the maintenance of a separate atomizer unit. Deluxe Starter Kit Manual

South Beach Smoke DELUXE Electronic Cigarette