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Best E Cig for 2018

If you’ve given any consideration to vaping, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there are dozens of companies making thousands of vaping devices with more being released every day. Even people who’ve been using e-cigarettes for years can get overwhelmed by the rapidly advancing tech and all of the size, shape and style options available. So how does someone who’s new to vaping choose the right starter kit? To make it easier for beginner and novice vapers to make their first e-cig purchase, we set out to list the top electronic cigarettes available today. We started by listing the devices that were durably built with performance and safety in mind. Then we narrowed the list down to only those devices that are satisfying enough to lure even the heaviest smoker away from analog cigarettes. Finally, we chose our absolute favorites: The best e-cigarettes of 2018 for beginner vapers.

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Best Cigalike E Cig: South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Ultimate E Cig Kit

The best e cigs that looks and feel like a real cigarette are made by South Beach Smoke. They leave all other cig-a-likes in its dust! These portable devices are designed to be an alternative to smoking by perfectly imitating the feeling of an analog cigarette. Don’t let the small size fool you; they’re powerful enough to emit wisps of vapor that closely resemble smoke (but without the stink!) And best of all – It’s so easy! There are just two pieces: a battery and a nicotine cartridge. Charge the battery, connect it to the cartridge and vape away.

The Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit comes with everything you’ll need for weeks of vaping enjoyment including 20 cartridges, two batteries, both USB and auto chargers and a cool personal charging case that looks like a cigarette pack while keeping your battery full.

Best All-In-One E Cigarette: Eleaf iCare Kit

Eleaf iCare All-In-One E Cigarettes

All-in-one (AIO) e cigarettes are the perfect solution for former smokers who aren’t getting enough of a ‘throat hit’ from their cig-a-like, but they aren’t ready for a huge, complicated box mod setup. The Eleaf iCare feels like an aerodynamic USB drive that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It offers a vape-on-demand drawing style; just uncap it and inhale to activate. When used in conjunction with delicious South Beach Smoke vape juice, the Eleaf iCare can come very close to duplicating the mouth feel of smoking while delivering top-notch flavor. And a convenient battery capacity of 650mAh means you shouldn’t get stuck with a dead battery between charges.

Best E Cig Starter Kit: Vaporesso Tarot Nano

Vaporesso Tarot Nano E Cigarette Kit

If you’re ready to dive into the world of vaping head first, you skip right to the best e cigarette starter kit around: the Vaporesso Tarot Nano 80 Watt Temperature Control Starter Kit. This affordable set has absolutely everything you’ll need to become a master e cig user, including a sexy little MOD with an internal battery and a cloud chucking sub-ohm tank. An advanced temperature control suite makes this vape device suitable for advanced users, while beginners can fill the vape tank with e-liquid and be vaping in variable wattage mode in only minutes.

How To Choose the Best E Cigarettes For You

The seemingly endless options for e-cigs exist for a reason: We all have our style, and your vaping device can be a reflection of yours. If you’re having a tough time choosing your first e-cig, take a few minutes to think about your preferences.

  • Why are you vaping? If you’re vaping as an alternative to smoking, you might prefer a cig-a-like, vape pen or pod mod that mimics the sensations of smoking. If you want to vape in public, you may enjoy smaller mini mods, AIO vapes or stick mods that are easy to carry and somewhat discrete. Or if you just want to blow massive, dense clouds, you’ll need a powerful vape MOD capable of producing over 100 Watts and a separate sub-ohm tank.
  • How often can you charge your e-cig? Depending on how much you vape, there’s a real possibility that the battery could die in your e-cigarette if you don’t use a vape charger often. If you know you’ll spend a lot of time out, choose a vape with a higher battery capacity (mAh) but lower power output (A.) Alternatively, you may want to choose a MOD with external batteries that can be changed as needed. If you’re home when you vape and you want to fog up a room, choose a vape with higher output and lower battery capacity (and use a sub-ohm tank.)
  • What’s your budget? It’s absolutely possibe to find a decent vape that you enjoy for under $40. But more often than not, cheap e-cigs will break down, and you’ll spend more money replacing them than you would have spent getting something more durable. Consider your budget, and try to get something around the higher end. This way you’re less likely to experience buyers remorse when, inevitably, a newer, cooler device comes out (e cig technology is evolving at warp speed and shows no signs of slowing dwn.) Read reviews and do plenty of research to make sure you’ll feel confident in your first vape purchase.


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