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Menthol E-Juice Flavors

Do you like the titillating throat hit you get with a menthol flavor? SouthBeach pre-filled menthol flavors are sure to excite your taste buds and throat. Enjoy traditional tobacco menthol, or embark on a whole new journey with peppermint, orange, strawberry, mint and other menthol nicotine liquid blends.

If you are a fan of the cooling minty taste of menthol, you’ll love our menthol-flavored e-liquid blends here at South Beach Smoke! Menthol-flavored e-liquids are one of the best ways for beginners to enjoy a fresh, crisp burst of mint as they explore vaping. If you’re just now making the switch from smoking, menthol-flavored e-juice may be just what you need to find satisfaction all day long!

Menthol is a standard flavor for many people. Plenty of smokers do not care for the taste or feel of traditional tobacco. For them, menthol has been a daily companion. Thanks to our menthol-flavored e-juice, transitioning to vaping has never been easier!

Experienced vapers have come to enjoy the variety and cooling sensation that menthol offers. E-juices that contain menthol are incredibly popular for their ability to break what is referred to as "vaper’s tongue." Vaper’s tongue is a common condition associated with vaping one flavor for too long. As your mind adjusts to the familiarity of a single flavor, you’re unable to experience the great taste of the e-liquids you know and love.

Sometimes, it can be difficult for an e-cig to recreate a realistic menthol tobacco flavor. But at South Beach Smoke, we never back down from a challenge. Each cartridge of our Deluxe Menthol flavor is loaded with crisp minty freshness. Our menthol cartridges are perfect for anyone who loves the taste of Newport, Kool, Marlboro Menthol, and Salem.

Menthol Buying Guide

Tobacco Menthol

If menthol cigarettes were your preferred choice, Tobacco Menthol is a rich and complex blend with just the right amount of mint to provide a refreshing after-effect.

South Beach Smoke Difference

South Beach Smoke carries dozens of specialty liquids created just for our customers. Whatever your palate is craving, you can satisfy it here. Does our selection seem a little overwhelming? We can help you narrow down your options so you can easily find your next all-day liquid.

For starters, what vape liquid category sounds appealing to you? We have delicious juice flavors for all tastes.


For those who miss the burn and bitterness of tobacco, these e-liquids mimic the taste of a cigarette, cigar or tobacco smoke.


Cool and refreshing, these e-juices are redolent of menthol cigarettes, mint and eucalyptus.

Customize Your E-liquid

All of our e-juices come in 30ml, easy-dispensing bottles, making them the ideal e-juices for vape pens since they are designed to minimize mess while filling your device. Once you’ve chosen a few flavors you think will be the best vape juices for you, you’ll need to personalize it to suit your vaping style. For starters, we can fine-tune your juice by adjusting your VG/PG ratio. Choose a MAX VG blend if you like low resistance vaping and you’re looking to blow the thickest, chewiest clouds you can. Otherwise, a 70% solution will deliver tasty flavor and a satisfying vaping experience for most.

Next, decide what nicotine concentration you’ll enjoy. Smokers or former smokers generally start their vaping experience with a significant amount of nicotine and gradually reduce the nicotine concentration over time. But remember: nicotine is not mandatory for a satisfying e-cigarette. Purchase a nicotine strength of 0mg if you want strong flavors without the burn or buzz of inhaling nicotine.

Finally, some of our flavors allow you to adjust the intensity of the e-juice’s taste. Choose a “single shot” under ‘flavor strength’ for a mellow taste and increase the flavor volume by adding additional shots.

Release Your Inner Chef!

Maybe you’ve been vaping for a while, and you’re tired of the same old flavors. Or maybe you’ve just got an idea for a fantastic taste that nobody’s thought of yet. For all those maybes, we have a solution. Allow us to create your own custom-blended e-juice using our premium flavorings. Just choose your favorite flavors and we will blend up your masterpiece.

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