5 Reasons Electric Cigarettes Are Swag

South Beach brand electric cigarettes offer the best, and more socially acceptable, alternative to smelly traditional smokes

Electric (…or vapor) cigarettes have little in common with yesterday's cigarettes. The conveniences associated with today's smokeless brands are far superior to anything of the past.

Electric Cigarette – Compatible with an Active Lifestyle

Many electrical cigarette users enjoy a particular lifestyle. When there's an electronic version of practically anything available on the market, it becomes the choice of today's consumer. Adults of today have grown up with the knowledge, and experience, that electric versions of everything are superior to their older counterparts.

Leading an active life requires less fuss. Electric cigarettes can be “lit” in the wind at the beach or local skate park. A single smokeless cig lasts approximately twice as long as an entire pack of old fashioned smokes. Why carry a whole pack when you can keep track of a single sleek device.

Electric Cigarettes Eliminate Risk of Burn Holes, Dirty Ashes and Butts

Devices that help us keep our lives less messy are a must-have. Today's smoker can opt for no dangerous flame, no smelly smoke, no dirty ashes and butts, and still relax with a few hits of nicotine.

The fact that the waste associated with these devices is minimal is very appealing to today's electric cigarette user. But even better, not having to worry about burn holes in our Abercrombie and Fitch shirts or our car seats is extremely appealing.

Electric Cigarettes are Socially Friendly

Perhaps the biggest reason young people are drawn to smokeless electric cigarettes - they can be enjoyed socially without bothering others!! Because the cigarette doesn't have the 4,000 ingredients and numerous carcinogens contained in tobacco, smokers can enjoy their electric cig in social settings.

Whether it's a college study group or a Wine-down Wednesday party at the neighbor's, electrical cigarette smokers doesn't have to worry about having to excuse themselves for a smoke break outside.

Electric cigarettes don't produce harmful second-hand smoke. The device works using vapor and contains only a handful of ingredients we find in other substances.

Electric Cigarettes - The Environmentally Friendly Option

More than any before it, the current generation is environmentally conscious. The greener the product, the better! The less harm we cause our planet, the longer we can enjoy its fruitful bounties.

Paper products like tobacco cigarettes strip away our trees, a natural resource. The nasty tobacco cigarette butts litter our streets and parks. Electric cigarette smokers know they are helping to save this great planet, which they take seriously.

Electric Cigarettes - My Choice

Today's youth have little tolerance for infringements on their personal choices. Most do not want mandates that prevent us from making choices when those choices have no, or very little, effect on others.

Inhaling vaporized nicotine is one of those choices.

This is the age of MY choice. I can think for myself and choose for myself. Yet another example of the My Choice phenomena is the I-phone and let's not forget the McDonald's slogan: i'm lovin' it. These slogans are the essence of the My Choice generation.

Buy an electric cigarette and try our varied selection of nicotine juice flavors out today -- we have everything you need to get started right away!

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