WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Taking the following preventive steps will ensure you get the most lifespan out of your SouthBeach vapor cigarette components

After thinking it over and realizing this is something for you, you have made the investment of purchasing a vapor cigarette. Just like anything you buy, proper care and some TLC will most likely mean a longer lasting and more efficient product. 

You are enjoying the relaxing and social experience of e-smoking with your friends and the last thing you want to happen is for it to quit on you!  First, it is vital to understand the "job" of each part of your e-cigarette and why they are important to take care of!

The battery, whether manual or automatic, is the power source that will keep your vapor cigarette working.

The cartridge is the holding tank for nicotine-infused liquid, which is available from SouthBeach in many awesome flavors including cherry, peach and tobacco mint!

The atomizer is the part of the vapor cigarette that has the heating element inside of it that turns the contents of the cartridge into a vapor.

A cartomizer is a cartridge and atomizer combined.  It is basically a cartridge with a disposable heating element inside. Cartomizers are becoming increasingly common, and come standard on all SouthBeach vapor cigarettes.

Also, this glossary from SFATA (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association) is a great resource for better understanding common vapor cigarette terms.

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Below are some suggestions on how to keep various parts of your vapor cigarette in tip top shape and to truly get the most from your product.

  • For starters, read your manual!  I know that many of us hate to take the time to actually read directions.  However, this is crucial.  It will tell you exactly how long you should charge your battery the first time.  Doing it right from the beginning will only work to your advantage.
  • Never charge your vapor cigarette battery longer than you need to.  The only exception to that is the first time you charge it.  You can actually keep it charging a little longer than it says on the initial charge.  Otherwise, don't overcharge!
  • Rotate your batteries often.  It is good to have one battery fully charged and ready to put in your vapor cigarette while you are charging the other one.  Not only does it help with the wear and tear on the battery but will also ensure that you have a battery at all times so you don't miss out on quality vaping time!  Nothing is more frustrating than looking forward to vaping with your friends in between classes and then realizing the battery is low, or worse, dead.
  • Keep your vapor cigarette out of heavy sun.  This is very similar to the cell phone.  Perhaps you have been on the beach sunning with your friends and realize that you have almost baked your cell phone.  Too much sun exposure and heavy heat will definitely mess up the battery!  Put it in the beachbag or in a protective place to also keep sand out of your e-cigarette.
  • Keep away from any water.  Again, think cell phone.  How many times have you accidentally dropped your cell phone in the toilet or the sink? Like your cell phone, make sure you keep your vapor cigarette away from any water as well.  Never place it next to a filled up beverage such as your beer at the fraternity party or water by the pool.  Bottom line, water kills the battery!
  • Keep your vapor cigarette clean.  Gently wipe and clean all the parts between the battery and cartomizer.  Make sure the threads are cleaned often with a gentle cloth.
  • Disconnect cartridge or cartomizer when not smoking.  There is a constant drain on the battery even when it is not in use as long as it is connected.  Therefore, when not in play, put away!  Just as your parents used to say about your toys! Disconnect and store properly!
  • Avoid overfilling cartridge (…for other brands like Vapor Zone). Overfilling can cause leaks and spills onto your battery which in turn can cause it to malfunction.  Be very careful when filling it with your favorite juice!

So, whatever you do, take care of your product.  If you at least practice one of these suggestions, it is better than not doing any of them at all.  You will be glad you did when you don't have to quickly shell out more of your hard earned cash for another one. 

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South Beach desires for you to truly enjoy a quality vapor cigarette.  Check out all of our many options (auto vs. manual battery; starter kit vs. disposable unit; cherry vs. tobacco flavoring; light nicotine strength vs. heavy) and choose the right option for you!

To learn more about vapor cigarettes and e-smoking, we invite you to continue browsing our blog and learning resources. And if you have any questions, please feel free to connect with us anytime through email, Facebook or Twitter.