WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Enjoy your Smokeless Cigarette without Upsetting Others

Help others understand the world of vaping in a positive light by practicing good e-cigarette etiquette

Smokeless cigarettes are becoming more commonplace in our society. However, even though the popularity of the devices is growing, rules of etiquette for when, where and how you should vape have not been thoroughly established. In addition, frequently changing laws governing where a person can use a smokeless cigarette also makes it harder to decide upon a generalized etiquette 'rule book'.

Even though the public image of e-cigarettes may be up in the air, there are ways in which the vaping community can help make smokeless cigarettes more favorably viewed in the public's eye.

Continue reading for a few ways you can help others understand smokeless cigarettes, along with a few general considerations for vaping in public places.


Education is the first step and the easiest way to help change public image. But first, you have to educate yourself so you have the tools to speak intelligently to others about smokeless cigarettes.

You can start your educational journey at SouthBeach Smoke's smokeless cig blog and knowledge center. Beyond our resources here, you can visit any number of online vaping communities (including The Vaping Forum, Vapers Place and E-Cigarette Forum) for even more information. After educating yourself, you can then start working to change the impression about vaping and e-cigarettes amongst your friends, family, coworkers, and the other people around you.

As with any new technology, you will not be able to convince everyone to accept smokeless cigarettes. However, you can work hard to make sure that those who you are closest are not misinformed about the devices, as well as help them understand why you have made the decision to use e-cigarettes.

After educating them about the specifics of smokeless cigarettes, it is also your responsibility to educate the people around you as to how the device works. This includes how the nicotine-infused e-liquid works, including how it looks similar to smoke when exhaled, but in fact is just a water vapor that doesn't smell or cling to anything.

Using your smokeless cigarette respectfully around others

One important thing to remember is that when you are attempting to educate those around you, do it respectfully. You should be informative but not demanding or condescending. For one thing, many people have strong opinions about smoking. This can lead to aggressive backlash, so prepare for this. Therefore, you should not respond defensively—just stay calm and make sure that the person knows that smokeless devices are quite different than tobacco cigarettes.

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When in doubt: Ask

The rules about where you can vape are currently up in the air. Many states have banned the use of e-cigarettes in public places. However, if you live in (or visit) a state that does not have a ruling on the books, our best advice is to either look on the property for a "no smokeless cigarettes allowed" sign, ask those around you, or ask the owner of the establishment. These steps will help avoid any confrontations, as well as, any awkward or negative interactions.

On the positive side, it could also spur conversation about smokeless cigarettes, allowing you the opportunity to educate them on this exciting technology.

Common sense and consideration are the best rules you can follow about smokeless cigarettes. You should think before you begin using your device or trying to educate others. Not every place is a good place to educate people about smokeless cigarettes.

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In the end, the best rules to follow when it comes to smokeless cig etiquette are common sense and consideration. For instance, an airport is probably not the best place to start educating staff about what e-cigarettes are or dispute with them about where you can or cannot vape. A supermarket or shopping mall though may be an ideal chance to provide information about smokeless cigarettes and give someone a few online resources so that they can research the subject for themselves.

We encourage you to use the SouthBeach knowledge center as a resource for teaching others about what e-cigarettes are and how they work, as well as learning more about how to get the most from your e-smoking experience. In addition to offering starter kits and other accessories from our main website, you can browse our blog and to learn more about the world of smokeless cigarettes.