WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Dry Herb Vaporizers

South Beach Smoke carries dry herb vape pens and vaporizers designed to provide the best vaping experience for dry herbs. Shop from top brands like Atmos, Pax, Grenco Science, Vapium, Cloud Pen, KandyPens & more! Dry herb vaporizers are devices that heat dry herbs, tobacco, or incense to a regulated temperature in order to vaporize any active compounds found within them. The target temperature is set above the boiling point of these compounds but below the combustion point. The result is a vapor consisting of valuable alkaloids and terpenes without tar, ash or any of the thousands of harmful chemicals found in smoke. South Beach Smoke carries a wide selection of these vaporizers as well as classic concentrate vapes.

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Why Do People Use Dry Herb Vaporizers?

Health is a major concern for many who choose dry herb vaporizers. Those who don’t wish to inhale smoke believe vaporization is easier on the lungs and doesn’t contain all of the carcinogens released by combustion. Many also prefer the flavor of the vapor to that of harsh smoke.

A lesser-known fact is that vaping is more efficient than combustion. When plant matter is lit on fire, many alkaloids are released into the smoke. However, many more are destroyed in the intense heat. Vaporization lowers the temperature allowing for the release of a higher density of active compounds. So the long-term savings in herbs offsets the initial investment involved in purchasing a dry herb vaporizer. And since different compounds have different boiling points. Vaporizing allows you to experiment with temperature, dialing up different effects or flavors at the push of a button.

Finally…it’s in fashion! Many people have quit smoking tobacco and vaping has become a very popular way for people to enjoy their dry herbs without telltale odors, complicated paraphernalia or lighters. And most dry herb vaporizers are elegantly designed with style in mind.

What To Look For In a Dry Herb Vape

The most important factor is quality. You’re putting this device in your mouth and its contents into your lungs. Cheap knockoffs are not just unreliable… They’re dangerous! Always purchase your dry herb vaporizer from an authorized seller. Read dry herb vaporizer reviews and reviews on the seller whenever possible. Pay close attention to remarks about the durability of the vaporizer; no matter how careful you are you’re bound to drop it at least once. And make sure you are purchasing a device that actually vaporizes herbs and doesn’t burn them.

Nowadays people who vape dry herbs prefer our personal, rechargeable vaporizers (over their bulkier desktop kin) thanks to their portability, power and convenience. They are compact enough to be carried around for daily use and powerful enough to be your at-home vape. If you wish to use your vaporizer for oils as well as dry herbs, there are portable dry herb vaporizers that can accommodate both.

Another feature to keep an eye out for is adjustable temperature settings. This allows you to customize your vaping experience to get the unique flavor and effects that fit your personal tastes. If you’d rather keep things simple, don’t fret: There are dry herb vaporizers that utilize simple on/off control and activate at a predetermined temperature that should adequately vaporize most dry herbs.

Tips To Using a Dry Herb Vaporizer

The vaping of dry herbs involves a bit of trial and error to get it right. Once you experience the flavor, comfort and powerful effects of vaporization, you’ll find it difficult to go back to inhaling smoke. Here are a few tips for beginners:

  • Use a well-cured product. When it comes to vaping you only get back what you put in. Herbs that are too dry can yield a harsh, poor tasting vape and can quickly clog up the screen in your heating chamber. Dry herbs also tend to be old and the active compounds may have deteriorated. Herbs that are too fresh don’t heat evenly and, depending on how moist they are, may not vape at all.
  • Grind herbs well before vaping to allow for even heating.
  • Don’t use too much herb. Vaping is more efficient when done in smaller batches as this allows for even heating throughout. Packing the heating chamber too tightly will choke off air circulation resulting in uneven heating and an uncomfortably tight draw. Less is more!
  • Breathe slowly and gently when inhaling from a dry herb vaporizer. Sip it don’t rip it. This allows for the coil to remain at a constant temperature and should lead to a richer, more flavorful puff.
  • Don’t overdo it! If you’re vaping dry herbs properly you won’t exhale any smoke and you may notice just the slightest hint of visible vapor. Don’t be fooled into taking more right away! Just because you don’t see the gas doesn’t mean you didn’t ingest anything. If you tasted your herbs prominently while exhaling, you did it right. Wait a while to see how it affects you before assuming you need more.

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