WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Learn more about a common problem new vapor cigarette users face, its causes, and some ways to alleviate your symptoms

You are enjoying a little social time while vaping when all of a sudden a coughing attack comes out of nowhere! Coughing when vaping is certainly a bummer!

If you're using vapor cigarettes in lieu of traditional cigarettes, you may be thinking, "I shouldn't be suffering from a smoker's cough, right? Is this now a vaper's cough?  Don't give up and think that this is the end all and that you must give up e-cigs.  There are some great tips to help you discover why you may be coughing and how to control it.

Allergies and Throat Hits - Why does Vaping Make Me Cough?

Throat hit is the feeling you get in your throat when you take a drag.  It is the satisfaction that many receive from actually inhaling.  Inside of the vapor cigarette, there is e-liquid juice.  The juice is made up of PG (propylene Glycol) or VG (vegetable glycerin).  Sometimes people use a mixture of both.  It has been discovered that some vapor users are allergic to the PG mixture.  PG is what gives most vapers the strong throat hit.  However, for many new users, it can be too strong for them. 

(Read more about PG to see if you are possibly allergic to it, and read about throat hits and techniques you can use for a more satisfying vaping experience.)

Nicotine Strength

Perhaps on top of coughing and having a sore throat, you are feeling nauseated.  This could mean your nicotine strength is too much for you.  If you never used traditional cigarettes, you should be having much lower nicotine strength than the person that has been smoking two packs a day and has recently quit.  South Beach offers nicotine strengths ranging from a big fat 0 to a very bold 24 mgs!  If you are a new vaper that has never smoked, you will definitely be experiencing coughing if you are smoking using 24 mgs.  To learn more information about the proper nicotine strength for you, check out the link above for more.

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Flavors are an issue

Most people are thrilled by the fact that South Beach offers over 30,000 different flavored possibilities in e-liquid.  However, for some people that are not used to these types of flavors, they may need to stick with the menthol or tobacco flavor that their bodies are used to.  After time, you can gradually try and switch to other interesting flavors such as our lemon or apple crush flavor to reduce coughing from vaping!

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$60.95 $48.75
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Need water?

There are some people that make the mistake of thinking they are getting water intake when they are vaping because it is water vapor.  However, this does not take the place of actually drinking the good ole liquid H2O that we all need.  If you are coughing after vaping, stop for a moment and take a drink.

Taking too long of a drag? Here’s How to Vape without Coughing

The average drag time on a vapor cigarette should only be 2 to 3 seconds.  It is NOT the same as an analog cigarette, where you take a much longer drag.  You could be having a coughing attack because you need to shorten those drags! It is crucial to practice to learn how to inhale vape smoke without coughing.

The main thing is to be patient and try various situations to see what may be causing your vape coughing problem. Don't give up too fast because we believe once you get this situation settled, you could be a very satisfied vaper using some amazing products by South Beach. In fact, a quality vape setup will lead to a better vaping experience across the board, so check out our incredible starter kits and cartridge flavor varieties today. Of course, if you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our customer support team. We look forward to hearing from you!