WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Perhaps you are new to the world of vaping and the whole concept of electric cigarettes. Although this may be the case, most likely you have already heard the term atomizer.

What exactly is an atomizer, what is its' function and why is it such an important component of the e-cig? 

Below are 5 facts to help you understand why this small, yet very powerful piece of the electric cigarette is necessary and needs to be taken care of

What is the atomizer and it's "job" as part of the electric cigarette?

Vaperanks.com describes an atomizer as the heating element inside the e-cig that turns liquid into vapor.  It is made up of three parts which includes the actual heating coil, a mesh bridge and a wick that absorbs the liquid. In order for the atomizer to function properly it must be immersed in enough liquid to keep it from overheating.  The e-liquid acts as a coolant by keeping the atomizer at around 60 to 70 degrees Celsius.  It is very important to make certain you always have enough liquid in your electric cigarette so the atomizer does not overheat and then completely malfunction.

How long will my atomizer last?

Generally two to four weeks, or as long as you keep your cartridge (...most cartridges/cartomizers are disposable).  The atomizer will be disposed of as soon as the cartridge is thrown away.  Each cartridge you buy from South Beach will have a new atomizer.

Am I supposed to clean my atomizer?

Generally it will be disposed of before it is necessary to clean the atomizer. If you do not have a disposable atomizer, then over time it will be necessary to clean. There are several methods for doing so including the water rinse or "blow out" methods.

Are atomizers safe?

Absolutely!  Have no fear!  You can't get burned or start a fire because the heating element is shielded by the cartridge and the outer shell.  However, you still need to take certain precautions so that it does not overheat.  At South Beach, our electric cigarettes have an automatic shut off after 10 seconds of what they call "over activation." This means it may have turned on accidentally or you have taken too long of a drag.

How do I know if my atomizer needs replacing?

There are several different indicators that help you to know if it needs replacing.  First, if you are receiving less satisfaction from your electric cig, it may need replaced. Occasionally, there may be unexplained leaks.  There could also be poor vapor production or no vapor production at all.

Hopefully this has helped clear up any questions you may have had about an atomizer.

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Bottom line, it is an essential part of your vaping experience. It plays a significant role in the taste and feel of your vapor experience.  You could consider it the heart and soul of the electric cigarette. Without it working properly, it could leave you with some very boring vaping!

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$60.95 $48.75
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NOTE: Some models have a separate atomizer, while other models integrate the atomizer with the cartridge (...known officially as a "cartomizer")

For more information regarding atomizers as well as any other part of the electric cigarette, please visit our South Beach blog and knowledge center. Our goal is for you to have the best vaping experience!