WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SouthBeach Smoke explores some of the reasons why vaping and e-cigarettes are a preferable alternative to traditional smoking

You have been thinking about it. All over campus they are popping up everywhere... e-cigarettes.  Is this trend a thing of the future or a fading pastime? According to TVECA (Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association), there are approximately 3.5 million Americans using electric cigarettes.  That's a lot of people. 

So, why should you consider it? 

You may be looking for a satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes. Or, maybe you just want to have a little social time with your friends and this seems like a great way to do it. 

Below are 6 reasons for you to consider why electric cigarettes are a good alternative to traditional smoking and worth a try.

1. No Odor

Bottom line, after you have smoked a traditional analog cigarette, you reek.  Everyone knows you have smoked and it can be highly offensive to some.  Those with allergies may run from you. 

With electric cigarettes, there is absolutely no odor.  The reason for this is because a vapor is released when you exhale as opposed to actual smoke which is what contains certain compounds that cling to your clothes, hair, furniture and pretty much anything it touches.
No smoke of course means no bad smokers breathe and your clothes will not smell like a walking cigarette.

(I'll never forget dating a guy that literally told me he had a hard time going out with me because my clothes smelled so much like cigarette smoke and he was highly allergic. I lived in a home with a father who smoked two packs a day and there was literally no escaping the smell…) 

2. Less Dangerous

No real flame means no real fire.  Electric cigarettes are definitely safer to use in this case.  There is no lighter necessary and no ashtray.  You will not find holes in your pants or burns on the couch from an e-cig.  According to the US Fire Administration, over 1,000 smokers and nonsmokers per year are killed in house fires caused by cigarettes. Especially as a college student studying late at night, you need not worry about falling asleep since your e-cig only activates when you're actually using it.

3. Less Cost

You will definitely discover that the price of electric cigarettes is cheaper than traditional.  A single e-cig cartridge is virtually equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.  It is approximately $2 a cartridge as opposed to a pack of cigarettes ranging anywhere from $6 to $8 a pack (...or higher in many places).  Not to mention the high taxes on traditional cigs.  Therefore, if you choose to enjoy vaping on a regular basis, the cost savings should be significant for you.

4. Relatively no limits as to where you vape

As you are aware, traditional cigarettes have been banned from many restaurants, social venues and a variety of other locations.  With an electric cigarette, you can enjoy it basically anywhere inside or out, assuming there are no specific restrictions.

Due to the fact that smoke is not released, the vaper has much more freedom as to where to enjoy their device.  If you have been a traditional smoker, you have all probably been given "the look" by a mom wishing you would not be smoking anywhere around her child.  This should not be the case with an electric cigarette because the vapor you exhale is basically water as opposed to smoke full of harmful toxins.

5. You can enjoy the socializing with electric cigarettes just as you would with traditional

Whether at a party, a restaurant with friends, or hanging around in between classes, you can socially enjoy your e-cig without feeling as if you are being labeled as a traditional smoker releasing poisonous chemicals in the air. There are so many negative stereotypes associated with a regular analog cigarette that simply do not exist with the e-cig.

6. Electric cigarettes are non–polluting

This is great news for the environment and for you.  No ashes to figure out what to do with, no cigarette butts, no matches.  So much less to have to throw away and deal with!  When you are toting books around and rushing to class, this is one less item on the agenda to worry about. Just pull out your electric cigarette, take a puff and enjoy.  When you are finished, place it in a familiar spot for you and go!  As an added benefit, know that as opposed to traditional smoking, you are not releasing toxins into the air. 

So if you have considered giving an electric cigarette a try, these are some reasons to support it.  At SouthBeach Smoke, we offer a variety of options to choose from to enjoy a quality vaping experience. 

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Check out all of our electric cigarette products and see which may be the right fit for you.  We are here to answer any questions you may have as well, so we invite you to visit our blog and knowledge center, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter today. 

Most all, enjoy and happy vaping!