WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E Cig FAQ - Vaping Facts Guide

You have just started using an electronic cigarette or perhaps have mentioned to your friends and family that you are interested in trying one.  You may have been bombarded by a million questions from them because they are curious as to why you are doing this or they may be wondering if this is something they should try.

Although the electronic cigarette has been on the market in the United States since 2007, many people still have opinions, concerns, thoughts and an overall sparked curiosity about them.

Below are 10 commonly asked questions electric cigarette users will likely encounter, along with some suggestions on how to answer them.

Maybe you have even asked yourself some of these same questions and are not sure of the answers.

  1. Can I smoke an electric cigarette in designated non- smoking areas? There are many places where you are not allowed to smoke a traditional cigarette but they will allow an electronic one. Basically, your options are more open electronically than traditionally and it is believed that the more educated people become on electronic smoking, more venues will allow it. However, we strongly urge you to respect the rules of the establishment.
  2. Are electric cigarettes cheaper than traditional cigarettes? Yes, because you are able to reuse your electronic cigarette and not throw it away after every use (better for the environment too, huh?). If you have been a traditional cigarette user, you know how expensive one pack can be. The taxes on the analog are astronomical as well. There are no taxes (...in most places) on electric cigarettes, so your greatest cost will be the initial start-up purchase.
    As a college student especially, saving money is key!!
  3. What is in the vapor that you exhale? The electric cigarette user is exhaling water vapor instead of smoke.  The heating element warms up the nicotine infused liquid and this is what you exhale.  Therefore, this is one of the reasons many places will allow e-smoking inside their facility as opposed to traditional cigarettes.
  4. Are electric cigarettes healthier for me? While we can't say these are healthier for you, we do know for a fact that traditional cigarettes are not healthy.  As we know, cigarettes contain a large amount of chemicals which are considered cancer causing.  Electric cigarettes on the other hand consist of only 3 main ingredients.
  5. Are electric cigarettes safer than traditional ones? Yes they are.  There is no flame in an electronic cigarette which this alone makes it safer. There is also no match or cigarette lighter needed.  Many fires are started by cigarettes and currently there have been no reports of any fires started by electric ones.
  6. What made you decide to switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes? There are many different reasons people switch and you will have to be the one to think on that one before answering. We do know that they are cheaper, there is no odor, bad breath or second hand smoke from smoking an electric cigarette. These are a few reasons that others have suggested for their decision to switch. Electronic Cigarette Nation (ECN), along with our friends at Eversmoke, shows a great comparison between analog and electric cigarettes that you could refer your friends that may have questions.
  7. Should I get a manual or automatic battery? That is totally a preference. You can refer your friends to our knowledge center for more details on this, but basically to use a manual battery, you have to push a button in order to engage the heating element. On an automatic battery, the heating element will engage once you start inhaling or taking a drag on the device.
  8. How do you know when you need to recharge your battery? Many electric cigarettes have an indicator light letting you know.  However, some do not and the more you become familiar with your device, the more you will get used to knowing when it needs recharged.  Also, once you begin to feel like you are not experiencing the normal desired taste or producing the amount of vapor that you usually do, then you will know it is time! 
  9. How old do I have to be to purchase an electric cigarette? The same legal age as you have to be to buy traditional cigarettes.  There is actually a lot of controversy regarding the marketing of electric cigarettes to young people. You can read a recent article in the New York Times regarding some of the latest information.
  10. Where can I get one of these electric cigarettes? Why, from South Beach of course!  Refer them to our website so they can see the variety of options that we offer, including a disposable electric cigarette they can try without committing to a full starter kit.
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Hopefully some of these answers will clear up any confusion or concerns that your friends and family may have about electric cigarettes.  You can also refer them to South Beach's knowledge center and blog where they can truly become educated on what the experience of electric cigarette smoking is all about.

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Maybe they will decide to try one and you can enjoy socializing together with an awesome electric cigarette from South Beach! If you or your family member or friend has any questions about e-smoking and electric cigarettes, please feel free to contact us anytime.