WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SouthBeach Smoke takes a close look at how secondhand smoke affects animals and why electronic cigarettes are the best smoking solution for your furry friends

It has been proven for years that second hand smoke affects humans. However, what about our precious furry friends?  The quick answer: It can absolutely affect these creatures in a negative way.

ETS (environmental tobacco smoke) releases over 20 different carcinogens that can be inhaled by non-smokers.  Along with these carcinogens, cigarette smoke contains approximately 4,000 additional chemicals in them including arsenic, benzene, and vinyl chloride.

Breathing in secondhand smoke can cause a number of health problems for our animal friends.  For instance, one Colorado study concluded that dogs living in homes where there is secondhand smoke tend to suffer from a higher risk of nasal cavity tumors and cancer.

What are other types of problems that animals suffer from being exposed to secondhand smoke?

  • Aside from dogs getting nasal cancer, cats can get lymphoma. Cats also can be affected from third-hand smoke, which gets in their fur and is transferred to their mouth from all the grooming they do.
  • Dermatitis is a skin inflammation issue that dogs suffer from often when exposed to secondhand smoke.
  • Respiratory problems can arise in all different types of animals.
  • Birds, too, believe it or not, can be affected by cigarette smoke!  It can cause problems with their eyes, skin conditions, as well as respiratory and fertility issues.

What are some suggestions to help my pet if I am a smoker?

  • First and foremost, consider switching to a smokeless alternative such as South Beach's electronic cigarette products.
  • Secondly, whether you are a traditional or electronic cigarette smoker, make sure that the nicotine is kept out of reach from your pet. There is approximately 15 to 25 milligrams of nicotine in a traditional cigarette, with 4 to 8 mg in the butt of the cig alone.  It only takes 10 mg of nicotine to poison your pet, so keep your smoking supplies somewhere safe and out of their reach!  It doesn't take much to harm them.
  • Make certain they do not drink from water that has ashes or cigarette butts in it.
  • Store all e-liquid away from pets.  Don't become lazy and assume that they will not get into it.  You always want to take precaution with e-liquid and cigarette butts when it comes to your four-legged friends.
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If you are a traditional smoker, the best preventative action you can take to protect your pets besides switching to electronic cigarettes is to smoke outside, away from pets and other people who may experience problems from secondhand smoke.  Also, always wash your hands after smoking so that when you pet your animals your hands will hopefully be free from some of the toxins.  Lastly, an air purifying system can help clean smoke from the air.

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If you have considered making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones, not only are you helping yourself and family, you're also making your animals healthier and happier.

For more information on the harmful health effects of traditional cigarettes, check out this article in our knowledge center.

Finally, be sure to visit the South Beach website for valuable information on electronic cigarettes and all the different products available to you.  We are here to answer any questions that you may have about our electronic cigarettes and introduce you to the exciting world of vaping!