WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How to Hit a Vape Properly

South Beach experts identify techniques vapers can use to get the most satisfaction from their smokeless cigarette

Like any new product or technology, you often have to go through a bit of trial and error to make the device (...or product, software or service) work right for you. This is true whether the technology in question is a new computer operating system, smartphone, and yes, a smokeless cigarette.

Too often, new e-smokers don't understand this transition. They sometimes give up on vaping thinking the technology doesn't deliver nicotine as good as a traditional cigarette or other means. It's sometimes easier to just give up and go back to what was familiar.

Understanding the basics of what makes smoking satisfying will help you create a fulfilling vaping experience

Have you ever heard your friends discuss the term "throat hit" but had no idea what they were talking about? Well, relax, read on and hear the explanation of how to experience a more fulfilling "throat hit."

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A "throat hit" is basically the satisfaction and feeling one receives in their lungs and the back of their throat from the nicotine inhaled.  If you are smoking e-cigs and feel your throat hit experience is lacking, you may need to change some of your techniques or even the product itself.

If for example you have been a heavy chain smoker, it is going to take you longer to adjust to the difference between an analogue and smokeless cigarette.  If you truly desire to switch to smokeless cigarettes, you must have patience with this and make time for the adjustment.  If you have never been a traditional smoker but would like to enjoy e-cigs, you will likely need to test different types of nicotine juice to find the one that provides the ideal throat hit.

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Consider the following techniques to achieve a more satisfying "throat hit" and vaping experience

  • Take longer and slower drags on your smokeless cigarette.  When you smoke traditionally, you take quicker puffs.  It is totally different when smoking electronically.  The longer and slower the drag, the better the experience.  Rule of thumb is making the drag last anywhere from 3 to 6 seconds.
  • If you have been a heavy smoker, you may need to switch the flavor you are using.  The vanilla, cherry, peach and all other yummy flavors that South Beach offers are amazing, however, a heavy smoker may need to switch their e-liquid to a more tobacco based flavor.
  • Also, before exhaling, hold the vapor in longer.  Don't be in a rush to exhale!  You will be surprised at how this can help with your satisfaction!
  • Make certain your cartomizer has enough e-liquid in it.  It is too low, it will not work properly.
  • Keep your device clean and your battery fully charged.  When you are not taking care of your smokeless cigarette properly, it can interfere with the way it functions.  For it to work at maximum capacity, keep it clean!
  • You may need to adjust the nicotine concentration level of your e-liquid.  Generally 8 mgs is satisfying enough for a person who was never a very heavy smoker.  However, if you are just coming off the traditional smoking habit, you may need up to 24 mg.  That would be way too much for someone who has never smoked, or only smoked a small amount.  You can gradually wean yourself down to a much smaller nicotine concentration.  However, be kind to yourself and remember that traditional smoking is a tough habit to break.  Gradual may be best for you!

We hope these tips on e-cig techniques are helpful!

Remember that patience is key and if one technique change isn't helping, try another.  South Beach believes we can offer you an incredibly satisfying vaping experience through our variety of products. Continue to research further our knowledge center and blog to learn more about smokeless cigarettes and how you can get the most from them!