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5 Tips That Will Make Your Vaping Experience Awesome

Life gets busy. You have college classes, studying, work, social events, dating, family time, and hopefully sleep at some point. Your fast-paced lifestyle leaves little time to think about how to have a better vaping experience, but there are a few things that electric cigarette connoisseurs do that you definitely should do.

Here are five tips that will increase the longevity of your e-cig and its parts, and give you the best e-smoking experience:

1. Properly Charge the South Beach Smoke SuperMax Battery

While this may sound simple enough, if you don't know how to properly charge the battery, your e-cigarette will not function properly and the battery can be permanently damaged.

And let’s face it, when you receive your South Beach Smoke electric cigarette in the mail, you want rip open the package and start vaping. Not so fast... you need to charge the battery (the part that looks like the "body" of the cigarette) fully before you use it.

Unpack the e-cigarette charger and cable and plug it into the wall or even the USB port on your computer. It’s critical that you get a full charge day one. Make sure you are doing full charges on the device even after the first day.

Let the battery almost fully drain before fully recharging. This will ensure battery longevity and long-term vaping experience.

The orange LED light at the e-cig tip glows like a real cigarette so you know its working. It will dim and flash when it's time to recharge the battery.

2. Cleaning the South Beach Smoke SuperMax Battery

Depending on use, you may need to change and clean the battery at least once a day. Unscrew the cartridge from the battery (looks like the “body” of the cigarette).  Get a paper towel. Here's how to clean the battery:

  • Remove the cartridge. Take a look at the e-cigarette threading. In most cases, some e-liquid would have collected at either the cartridge or battery threads
  • Fold the paper towel to create a narrow triangular shape. Shove it into both areas to soak up excess e-liquid. If that doesn’t work, slightly dampen the paper towel and try again.
  • If the e-liquid is stuck on the battery threads, use a pair of slim tip tweezers with a smaller piece of paper towel on the ends to clean off the gunk. Be gentle.
  • Once the excess e-liquid is removed from the inside of the threads you can put both ends back together.

Do not use cleaners or soaps to clean your e-cig battery because the residue can ruin your vaping experience.

3. Changing a South Beach Smoke VaporFlo Cartridge

Each electric cigarette cartridge is filled with pure liquid nicotine plus your desired flavor. When the cartridge no longer produces vapor, you know it's time to change it.

Cartridges are easy to replace. A cartridge does not have to be depleted before you switch it. You can simply change nicotine levels and flavors. But if you notice the vapor density diminishing, it's time to replace the cartridge, which only takes 2 easy steps:

  • Unscrew the cartridge carefully and remove
  • Screw on the new cartridge securely, but not too tightly as the next replacement could be more difficult

Do not try to open the cartridge for any reason as damage may result.

4. Safety First, Kids

South Beach Smoke offers a wide range of in-car, USB and wall chargers that make it convenient for you to recharge your battery while on-the-go. As with any electrical device, use these chargers and electronic cigs safely.

Don't use power strips unless it's one with a built-in surge protector to protect your e-cig from accidental damage to its electrical components. Don't leave chargers plugged in when not in use –it's unsafe and raises your electricity bill.

And for the love of God, keep your e-cigs and accessories away from water. Remember that at the next pool party, spring break or while vaping on the throne. 

5. Tried A New South Beach Smoke E-Liquid Flavor Lately?

Now that we've talked about cleaning, maintenance and safe use of your electric cigarette, it's time to talk flavor. South Beach offers 16 taste bud tempting e-liquid flavors that are all American made. Have you tried them all? If not, you're missing out on flavor sensations. Our e-liquid is the highest quality on the market, and with exotic flavors Orange Mint, we've got something unique for every occasion.

Check out our new flavor bundle–a collection of our six newest flavors: Watermelon, Tobacco Mint, Orange Mint, Frank’s Lemon Lime, Grape Hookah, and Double Apple Hookah.

Learn more about e-cigs, vaping, flavors and such by visiting our blog.

Got friends? Give the gift of a disposable electric cigarette or Express Kit–both are a perfect introduction to the wonderful, tasty world of vaping.

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