WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Let's face it, the SouthBeach electronic cigarette is one of the coolest products on the market.  There's a lot to love about the e-cig; it's more affordable, doesn't have a stinky odor or pollute the earth like traditional cigarettes. What else can this amazing gadget can be used for? We've dreamed up some uses during a typical night out. We're hoping that you and vapers from around the web will comment below with other great ideas to add to our list. It's all in fun. Let the games begin:

  1. Fashion Accessory. When you’re going out on the town you need to look good. Use the flavor cartridges in place of your earring studs. It's a convenient way to carry the cartridges, too!
  2. Light Saber. Standing in line to get into your favorite nightclub is a drag. Break out the e-cigs with a friend for a Jedi Knight moment. You'll have to make the cool sounds of the light saber yourself, but a little imagination takes this game to a whole new level. May the force be with you. (Also good fun on that dateless night in the dorm!)
  3. Glow Stick. You can skip the party store for glow sticks. Light up your e-cig while dancing. It's a glow stick! You're certain to draw attention.
  4. Weapon. Ladies, when you're out on the town and a creep approaches to talk you up,  point the e-cig it at him and tell him to stop or you will shoot. The creep's pause will give you time to get away.
  5. Mini Flash Light. In the club, you need to write down your phone number on a napkin for a potential hot date... let the e-cig be your guiding light! Or, you drop your car keys in the dark abyss of the parking lot. No problem. Your electronic cigarette will help you locate the keys. Can't find the door lock at your apartment after a night of partying? Have no fear, e-cig is here! It will light up the lock so you can slide in the key and enter.
  6. Doorstopper. You and friends return to your apartment building after the club to find a leather club chair set out for trash by the dumpster. The front door won't stay open. Stick your e-cig between the door and its frame and it will hold it wide open while you and buddies run the club chair upstairs to your apartment.
  7. Spin the e-cig. The beer keg is flowing; friends old and new are gathered in a circle on your living room floor… it's time to put a modern twist on the old fashioned game of spin the bottle. You'll enjoy LED lights, fun colors and a puff of flavored vapor before that winning kiss.
  8. Gardening. You take a break from the festivities for some window gardening. You have Basil and other seeds that need to be planted.  Use your e-cig to make holes in the soil to plant the seedlings.

No matter how you use your electronic cigarette, always choose SouthBeach Smoke as your trusted partner in e-cig supplies. SouthBeach offers e-cig cartridges in nine flavors – with five more on the way – that will give you a satisfying taste sensation. Try the playful, sweet taste of vanilla and peach, or go for the bold flavor of classic tobacco. Contact SouthBeach to light up your life with an e-cig starter kit today!

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