A friend’s birthday is always a cause for celebration! But it can be stressful picking out the perfect gift. You may have someone you care about who’s into vaping but you might not know what the best e cig presents to get them are. Well, don’t worry, the experts at South Beach Smoke have put together this handy guide of vape birthday gift ideas. So let’s dive right into it… 

Vape Birthday Gift Guide


You can’t go wrong by giving this starter kit as a birthday gift. This is our most portable kit that supplies them with everything they need. It also has an amazing value. The bundle comes with 2 batteries, a wall charger, a USB adapter, and a 5 pack of cartridges. You can also choose between our 4 amazing flavors to suit your friend’s taste. 

  1. Convenient E-Cig Cartridge Set

However, if you don’t know exactly which flavor e-juice your bday friend enjoys, this variety pack is the way to go. It includes 3 five packs of premium SBS Cartridges. You can choose several flavors and nicotine strengths to give them options.

  1.  Complete On The Go E-Cig Set

Is your friend celebrating their bday with a vacation? Then this set is the ideal gift. With 2 high-capacity batteries, a wall charger adapter, a usb adapter, and a carrying case they'll be fully stocked and ready to go. Again, you can select the flavor of carts to custom tailor their experience. 

  1.  Accessories Bundle

Give your friend all the accessories they need for their bday in a convenient bundle and save. Our premium accessories bundle comes with a high-capacity battery, a wall charger adapter, and USB Charger. Add cartridges to the order and save 20% for an even better deal! 

Home Delivery Plan Subscription 

Give the birthday gift that keeps on giving by getting you a subscription to our home delivery program. With a subscription, e-cig carts are delivered regularly, like clockwork, direct to their doorstep. Make their birthday a celebration to remember! 

So there you have it, the South Beach Smoke guide to the best birthday gifts for a vaper you care about. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact our customer support team. We look forward to hearing from you!