Exploring E-Liquid Flavors

Exploring E-Liquid Flavors

If you’re just getting started with an e-cigarette, or even if you’ve been in the game for a while and are curious about what else is out there, understanding the types of flavors there are for former smokers and new vapers alike is an important step in finding what you like. In this guide by South Beach Smoke, we’ll introduce (or reintroduce!) you to some of our favorite flavors onsite. Our traditional blends make vaping feel closer to smoking, but without the hassle or stench associated with cigarettes. Among our options you’ll find notes that stick to the basics, as well as options that push the boundaries of flavor a little further. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of our best and favorite blends below.

Discover Our E-Cigarette Flavors

At South Beach Smoke, we pride ourselves on having a range of options for every customer to enjoy. From classic tobacco varieties to mentholated flavors, there’s a little something here for every sophisticated vaper looking to get away from smoking, while also avoiding candy-like flavor profiles that encourage constant vaping. Here’s a shortlist of some of our favorite picks from the South Beach Smoke online shop:

  • Deluxe Tobacco Classic: Best suited for former smokers, this cartridge brings the old-school flavor of robust, traditional tobacco right to your e-cigarette for your ultimate convenience. Similar to your favorite brand of bold cigarette, this full-bodied flavor feels and tastes like the real thing, and makes for a great alternative to cigarette smoking.
  • Smooth Blue Tobacco: If you’re more interested in a smoother ride, then our deluxe blue flavor is the choice for you. This e-liquid option turns the dial back on bold, providing an easier flavor and inhale for a more even-keeled vaping experience overall. With plenty of flavor and less bite, the deluxe blue cartridge is a great midrange option.
  • Deluxe Golden Tobacco: South Beach Smoke takes it all the way East with our golden blend for your vaping pleasure. While plenty of e-cigarette flavors have the taste of traditional tobacco down to an exact science, this golden blend brings Turkish and other Middle-Eastern notes together for a richer, more unique flavor profile.
  • Deluxe Menthol: Oftentimes, people want the relaxing buzz of a cigarette or vape without the punch or richness of straightforward tobacco. Mentholated options help deliver the nicotine you want, while also providing a cooling sensation and flavor that make vaping even easier. We recommend our menthol cartridge to new vapers, as well as former smokers who are used to the menthol sensation.

Find Vape Juice Flavors with South Beach Smoke

We hope you’ll consider shopping with South Beach Smoke to find your next favorite e-liquid options. Remember that our flavor profiles prioritize traditionality, combined with new technology to create the most pleasant nicotine delivery experience on the market. Whether you prefer the boldness of classic tobacco, or prefer smoother varieties like our deluxe blue and menthol cartridges, you’ll have an easier time vaping with South Beach Smoke’s vape juice flavors. Make sure to swing by our accessories shop for even more helpful gear, and don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for more information on any product.