Vape Culture, Community, & Trends

The Rise of Vaping Culture

If there’s anything definite to be said about vaping, it’s that its impact has been impossible to deny. Taking the world by storm in growing waves since the mid-2000s, vaping truly began reaching its monolithic status in the late 2010s, and is seemingly continuing its reign well through the New Roaring Twenties. Some may recall an eyebrow-raising product placement right at the beginning of 2010’s The Tourist starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp– one character approaches another on a train, baffled by their ability to “smoke” indoors, and the rest is history. While that particular water-vapor based brand of e-cigarette has fallen out of fashion, others have taken over with a vengeance, and are showing no signs of stopping. Nearly every day is a blend of seeing the same vape a hundred times, and noticing one you’ve never seen before. No matter how you choose to smoke, vape, or avoid, it’s hard to disagree with their presence in life, in stores, and in the culture at large. This blog aims to help you get more familiar with vape culture with a few quick notes about the vaping community and the forecast of vape trends. Without further ado, let’s get into it below.

Getting Into the Vape Community

If you’re just now getting into vaping, there’s a lot to catch up with, but luckily it’s easier than ever to find a product– or range of products– to try. Getting into the vape community can be as simple as hitting a friend with the now-classic line, “Can I hit your vape?” or by doing a little community research in areas like your workplace, favorite bar or restaurant, or public park. Even in going through the regular motions of your day, it’s nearly impossible not to see a vape somewhere, in someone’s hands. Asking someone what their brand or flavor of choice is makes for a quick way to get oriented with your next venture. If you want to get deeper into the throes of vaping, there’s always the internet, too. 

Understanding Vape Trends

Vape blogs, customer reviews, and brand websites now make it easier than ever to get a read on the pulse of what’s happening in the world of vapes. With hundreds and thousands of brands, models, and flavors to choose from, understanding which one may be best suited for you can be almost overwhelming.

There are a couple of routes you can take as a new vaper, and it sort of depends on your relationship with smoking. If you’re a former smoker, you may prefer something that looks, feels, and tastes like a cigarette, and are simply hoping to get away from the musty smell and stained teeth. While there are tons of cigarette-adjacent vapes out there, we encourage you to check out South Beach Smoke’s selection– we pride ourselves on serving a straightforward product that always delivers, and sticks to the traditional shape and feel of cigarettes without the hassle of going outside, losing your lighter, or dealing with that post-smoke stench.

If you’re a former smoker looking to cut back, have never smoked before but want a realistic approach to vaping, or are simply curious about what other vape trends are out there, give South Beach Smoke a try. Our classic blends and mentholated options are here to offer you a buzz that leaves the adolescent vibe behind.

Stay in the Know with South Beach Smoke

We hope our breakdown of vape culture has helped you tap into the ever-evolving world of vaping with a smooth drag and slow exhale. If you’re curious about trying a vape that doesn’t look or taste like candy, and is fully reloadable with easy-to-use, cost-effective cartridges, give South Beach Smoke’s product a shot. In the meantime, find your vaping community among friends and trusted peers, and learn more about which devices and flavors work best for your tastes. Our customer support team is also always available to fill you in about anything you’re curious about! Best of luck.