How Do E-Cigarettes Work?

E-cigs have skyrocketed in popularity worldwide over the past decade. They offer an incredible and futuristic alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, if you’re new to the e-cigarette world, you’re probably wondering how e-cigarettes work. Luckily, the South Beach Smoke team is here to explain it all...

Let’s Break it Down: E-Cigarette Parts Explained

A modern e-cig device consists of two main parts: the cartridge and the battery. The cartridge, also referred to as the mouthpiece, contains your e-liquid of choice. It is the component you put in your mouth and draw it vapor from. It works by utilizing a built-in atomizer which heats up the vape liquid and vaporizes it. The cartridge is also the component that is disposable and replaced regularly. The lithium ion battery is the longer component that makes up the main form of the device. It is the part you plug in to recharge and reuse via USB. It also features a glowing red tip on the end to emulate the feel of a cigarette. 

How Do You Use an E-Cigarette? 

Getting started with South Beach Smoke E Cigarettes is simple. First, make sure the battery is charged via the usb charger. Next screw the cartridge onto the battery and make sure the connection is secure. Then, hold the mouthpiece up to your mouth and inhale. The draw-activated firing mechanism will send a charge from the battery to heat up the atomizer and the led indicator light will turn on. The vape liquid in the cartridge will heat up and turn to vapor which is then inhaled and enjoyed.   

What are the Ingredients in an E-Cigarette? 

Ok, so now you understand the basics, but what are the ingredients in an e-cigarette? The first ingredient in e-liquid is nicotine. At South Beach Smoke you can select between 6, 12 ,16, or 24 mg of nicotine to tailor your experience. The second ingredient is flavoring. Choose between a variety of tasty flavors, including classic tobacco, menthol, and more. The third e-cigarette ingredient is Propylene Glycol (aka PG). This is the ingredient that provides the “throat hit” reminiscent of smoking a traditional cigarette. The fourth ingredient is Vegetable Glycerin (aka VG). This is a thicker ingredient in vape juice that is associated with more dense, voluminous vapor production. The remaining e-cigarette ingredients are water and other additives. 

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