Guide to Vaping Terms & E-Cig Terminology - Important Vape Terms Guide

For the newbie vaper, all the vaping terminology  and technology can be daunting. Vaping and e-cigarettes are skyrocketing in popularity, but if you’re just getting into the world of vapes and vaping culture, it can be difficult to know where to start. Even experienced vapers and seasoned cloud-chasing veterans can use a refresher from time to time. Luckily, South Beach Smoke is here to take you through all of the vaping lingo. Here’s our vape glossary of the most important e-cig terms and vape terminology to familiarize yourself with.


This is the long component of an e-cig. It is plugged into the wall to charge. Its purpose is to supply power to the atomizer which vaporizes the e-liquid. 


This is the e-cig component that houses the e-liquid. It is made of plastic or metal and screws into the battery. Cartridges are generally disposable when it comes to e-cigs.  


This is the component that heats up the e-liquid and produces vapor. It accomplishes this task through an internal metal coil that heats up and vaporizes the e-juice. 


This is the component that absorbs e-liquid to deliver it to the coil within the atomizer for vaporization.


This term refers to types of e-cigs that resemble traditional cigarettes. “Smokeless cigarettes” is another term for cig-likes. 

Vape mod 

Mods are larger, more complex vaping devices. They often feature customized features such as refillable vape tanks, swappable coils, external batteries, and more. 

Box Mod

These vape devices are bulky, boxy, high-powered vape mod named after their form factor. 

Rebuildable Atomizer 

Also known as RBA’s, Rebuildable atomizers are vape devices that are reassembled from custom parts by advanced vapers. 


Cloud-chasing is vaping with the goal of producing large, voluminous clouds. Cloud-chasing can be competitive as there are competitions for advanced vapers all over. 

Sub-ohm vaping 

This is a vaping style that uses high wattage and specialized tanks to produce big clouds.


A watt is a unit of electrical power. In regards to vaping, higher wattages produce more heat to vaporize e-liquid.


A volt is a fixed amount of energy that travels through a circuit. In vaping, the circuit at hand is the battery.


This is the component that you attach the battery to to re-charge. The charger plugs into a wall socket or usb port in the case of most e-cigs. 


This is the fluid that fills the cartridge and is heated to produce vapor. E-liquid contains nicotine, flavor, water, PG, VG, and other additives. It is also known as nic juice, e-juice, or vape juice.

Nic Salts 

These are vape juices that have higher nicotine contents without the associated harshness of high-nic juice. Nic Salts are scientifically blended for lower acidity. 


PG stands for propylene glycol. It is a crucial ingredient of e-liquid that is responsible for producing the “throat hit” aspect of vaping.


VG stands for vegetable glycerin. It is a crucial ingredient of e-liquid that is responsible for producing denser, more voluminous clouds of vapor.

Throat Hit 

This term refers to the sensation of vapor hitting the back of the throat. This phenomenon is often sought after by those transitioning from cigarettes since it is reminiscent of the experience of smoking. 


This term stands for “Light Emitting Diode.” In the field of vaping, it refers to the light that glows when an e-cig is drawn upon. 

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping 

Mouth-to-lung vaping, abbreviated as MTL, refers to vaping where the smoke is held in the mouth before reaching the lungs. MTL vaping is generally the method of inhalation used with e-cigs.

Starter Kit 

A bundle that contains everything you need to start vaping. In general, a Starter Kit contains a battery, a charger, an operation manual, and cartridges.


This term refers to those who enjoy e-cigs or vapes as part of their lifestyle.  

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