How To Troubleshoot Your Vape Pen Cartridge

Vaping technology keeps growing by leaps and bounds every year. Sadly it’s not flawless technology, and vaping devices experience technical difficulties from time to time. If you’re experiencing issues with your vape pen or cartridge, follow the guide below to figure out the problem and get your vaporizer back in order.

Too often, the issue is a part that needs to be replaced, or a fresh battery is needed. South Beach Smoke offers a lifetime warranty on all our vaporizers. So if you ever experience an issue with your vaporizer, you’ll be covered against the worst.

When Is It Time For A Fresh Cartridge?

Too often we forget the last time we changed our cartridge, especially if the oil level isn’t immediately visible. Make sure to mark your calendar or set a reminder on your phone, so this issue does not sneak up behind you when you’re on the move. Even better, pick up a carrying case so your battery always stays charged and you still have a fresh cartridge on hand.

Tips for Your Vape Cartridge:

  • Typically cartridges last around 250 pulls and can last for about six months on the shelf from the day you first use them.

  • For vape pens with oil tanks, keep track of how frequently you use your pen.

    • Most 1ml tanks will need to be refilled every two days with regular use.

  • If you are planning on putting your vaporizer away, make sure you drain the oil tank to avoid buildup inside the tank.

Your cartridge could also be clogged

Thousands of vape users deal with this problem every year, and if left ignored, it can cause parts and batteries to burn out much faster than they should. A Clogged vape can happen for a variety of reasons.

Those reasons include; overuse, going too long without being used, overfilling your tank, or filling it with the wrong liquid. Sometimes clogs happen just with normal wear and tear.

Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, clogs will happen.

Clogged Vape Cartridge Tips:

  • Regular use without consistent cleaning is often the most common cause of a clogged vape.

  • Make sure to regularly clean your vape pen by disassembling it and cleaning every connection point and part.

  • Alcohol wipes or specialized cleaning solutions help to prevent oil buildup and keep your vape pen running efficiently.

  • Use an old toothbrush or some of the popular vape cleaning tools available online to help clear build up off of contact points.

It might be time to replace the battery

If your cartridge is working while on your back-up battery, then it’s time to throw your old batteries out. This often overlooked issue is the source of many a vape pen breakdown.

Keeping a battery for the home and one for the office will help prevent a dead battery from sneaking up on you and interrupting your vape routine.

Time to Replace the Battery?

  • Test an existing cartridge on a new battery, and if the cartridge still functions, you have found your culprit.

  • The connection points on the battery and the cartridge can also become dirty and disrupt the current between the two components.

  • Using a Q-tip and a small amount of your cleaning solution, rub the connection point and threading of your battery. Let this dry completely before reattaching the cartridge to the battery.

  • If you take your pen out on the go frequently or if you don’t store your vape pen in a case while it’s disassembled, you’re at risk for the contact points getting dirty.

If your vaporizer is not creating any vapor, the tank and heating element should be changed. For the best vaping results you should change your heating coils or oil tank every eight weeks.

Should I store my vape pen cartridges right-side up?

Yes! If you use pre-filled cartridges you’ll want to store them in a cool, dark place, right side up. The heat will change the pressure in the cartridge and cause the oil to leak out and storing them upside down can cause the oil to leak out the mouthpiece. If you also plan to put your vaporizer away for a few days it’s best to store your vaporizer is with the components disassembled and with the batteries removed, with the tank facing right side up. If you are still having issues with your vape pen after following our guide, you can check out our South Beach Smoke blog article for more vaping tips and suggestions.

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