Vape Pod Vs Cartridge Which Is Better?

Every day new and exciting vaporizer products hit the market. After the success of vape pens, pod vape systems have become widely popular for many of the same reasons as cartridge-based systems. However, the two vaporizer systems do have key differences that can make the two vaping experiences quite different. 


Whether you’re using CBD vape juice or nicotine salts, there is a pod system or a cartridge system that is right for you. Once you have an understanding of the differences between the two vaporizer systems, you’ll be able to purchase the vaporizer that’s right for you. There are many different kinds of both pod and cartridge vaporizer systems. We’re sure you can find just what fits your lifestyle best at South Beach Smoke. Every brand of vaporizer we stock also has every accessory and replacement part you’ll need. 


Understanding Vaporizer Pens

A vaporizer pen system uses a small refillable tank that affixes to a vape battery. 

Highlights of Vape Pens: 


  • Once the tank is filled with e-juice, the user turns on the pen and begins to draw vapor.
  • Some batteries require a button to be pressed to start vaporizing the e-juice. 
  • The system will automatically begin to vaporize the juice once the consumer begins to draw from the vaporizer. 
  • The entire vaporizer system of a vape pen is contained within the e-juice tank. A heating element heats the juice inside the tank. 
  • When the tank runs out of juice, you simply refill the tank. 


Vape pens are a great introduction to the world of vaporizers. They are simple to use, inexpensive and are easy to take on the go. Many of them are in fact the size of large pens and typically hold up to 1-2ml of liquid. Some vape pens do use pre-filled tanks called cartridges that are disposable and thrown away after one use. 

If you’re still trying new e-juices and want a simple way to sample your options, a vape pen is a great option.  


Understanding Pod System Vaporizer Pens

Pod-based vaporizers have the same mechanical functions as the cartridges-based systems. 


Highlights of Pod Systems:

  • The pod is detachable and contains the entire vaporizer system. 
  • The “pod” contains the atomizer and tank just like the vape pen. 
  • Whereas most vape pens have tanks that do not separate from the battery, a pod vaporizer is designed to have the pod removed from the battery. 
  • Some pod systems use pre-filled pods (known as a closed pod system) while other pod-based vaporizers have pods that users can fill with their preferred e-juice (open pod system). 
    • These pods are anywhere from 1 ml - 3 ml in size. 
    • They typically last for about 20 refills before they need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear. 


Pod vaporizers can be great for vapors who switch between an assortment of e-juice flavors or need a vaporizer that can handle both regular nicotine e-juices and nicotine salts. Pod vaporizers are usually small and travel easily. If you’re looking for a stronger vaporizer than a vape pen and don’t want to make the commitment to a box mod just yet, a pod vaporizer is a great compromise and can deliver clear, strong vapor.


Making The Decision Between Vape Pens Or Vape Pods

Whether you decide to use a vape pen or a pod vaporizer is entirely dependant upon your needs as a vaper. 

Things to Consider When Making The Choice:

  • Vape pens can deliver large clouds however they are not good for heavy use. Putting too much stress on the heating element can burn them out in some vape pens. 
  • Pods, sometimes have stronger batteries and their heating elements may be able to handle higher temperatures for more extended periods of time. 
  • How often you change e-juice flavors or brands is important to consider as well. 
  • If you change brands or flavors often, a pod system can allow you to switch between flavors quickly with virtually no mess or effort. Instead of having to refill the tank with the new e-liquid, you can simply pop in a new pod and immediately begin using your vaporizer. 
  • Pod systems are also generally much more advanced than vape pens. 
  • Pod systems can have temperature control gauges, safety locks so they don’t turn on in your pocket, and the batteries are usually quickly and easily replaced. Many use an integrated battery that is easy to recharge with a cable that's often included with the device.
  • Vape pens are often much simpler in nature, getting hotter the longer you hold down their button or the more quickly you draw from them.
  • Consumers who are looking to have more control over their vaping experience should consider pod vaporizers. 
  • If you are looking for a simpler or more straightforward vaping experience, you will enjoy the simplicity of a vape pen. 


How frequently you will use your vape will also make a huge difference in which vape system will work best for you. Heavier vapers may want to go right to a pod vaporizer. They are designed for frequent use, and their battery strengths are almost always enough to get you through the day on one charge. Vape pens are better for those new to vaping, allowing users the ability to try e-liquids before committing to a more advanced vaping system.


South Beach Smoke Can Help You Make A Decision and Save You Money

With all the different brands, features, and price ranges out there, it can be hard to find the vaporizer that’s right for you. Pod vaporizer systems are great for more experienced vape users who are looking for a convenient way to switch between different e-liquid flavors. Pod vaporizers can also be great for users who need a vaporizer that can handle different forms of e-liquid. 


Vape pens are great for beginner users who are still figuring out what e-liquid brands they like. They can also be great for figuring out how often you expect to vape throughout the day. Both vaporizers are great for travel, and both are cost-effective. 


Vaporizers are always changing and getting more and more advanced each year, and these different systems make it easier to try new brands of e-juice and vaporizers. No matter what brand or which system you go with, it’s important to remember to take care of your vaporizer. 

Regular cleaning, charging, and keeping out of direct heat will help your vaporizer last. At South Beach Smoke, every vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty. If you need more information to help find the right vaporizer for you, check out this article on pod vaporizers.


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