What Is A Pod System Vape?

The vaporizer system that you choose should depend greatly on how frequently you use your vaporizer. Pod systems might be the perfect choice for you. These vape devices are a convenient, hassle-free way to vape without a lot of extra work. Pod system vapes can also be a better choice for you because some advanced mods can be complicated to use. Pod systems allow you to customize your experience without having to tinker with something too advanced.

If you have been looking to expand past your current selection, a pod system may be just what you’re looking for. Take a look at what you need to know before you make your purchase. Each pod vape system is different, so it’s essential to make sure that the pod system you choose will meet all your needs.

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Why are Pod Systems so popular?

Pod systems work like box mods but instead of an atomizer tank or a coil system, it’s a fully contained vaporizer system (often an atomizer) within a small pod made out of plastic or metal.

  • The pod is placed inside of a battery component, and then the device is used similarly to most other vape devices.
  • For users who switch between nic salts and nicotine vape products, these systems can be ideal for switching juices quickly and easily. 
  • Pod vape systems are fantastic for traveling, are cost-effective, and are a very convenient way to vape no matter where you are. 


The Difference Between Open and Closed Pod Systems

Open pod systems allow the user to fill their pods with whatever e-cig juice you’d like. Open systems can also come with pre-filled pods. Closed systems use pods that are pre-filled and cannot be opened.

  • Open systems are ideal for users who would like to use a specific vape juice or nicotine salt. 
  • There is no discernible difference between the pods that are pre-filled and the pods that users fill themselves. 
  • The only major difference is that empty open pods must be filled by the consumer. 


Check The Type of e-Juice Your Chosen Pod System Can Use

There are differences between e-juice and nicotine salts, and your pod system can tell the difference. E-juice is much thicker and therefore requires higher heat and a different heating system than nicotine salts.

These differences will be clearly highlighted in the product information. Make sure your prospective vape system is also compatible with the e-liquid product you are vaping.

  • The thicker the vape oil you are attempting to vape, the higher the temperature you will need, which means higher power needs. 


E-Juice or Nicotine Salts, The Never-Ending Debate

E-Juice is overall quite easy to use. Given there is a large assortment of brands to choose from, and when purchased in bulk, they can be highly cost-effective. 

  • E-Juice is restricted to between 0-6% nicotine. 
  • Nicotine Salts can have a higher concentration of Nicotine without impacting the flavor. 
  • Some pod systems are made specifically for nicotine salts, and some systems can accommodate both regular e-liquid and nic salts.


Choosing the Pod for Your Pod System 

Every pod system is different. Unless specified by the manufacturer, most pod systems (open or closed) use specific pods directly for their system. This means that pods that are made by one company will usually not work with another company’s system. It’s essential to make sure that once you have selected which brand of pod vape you want to use, that you continue to use that brand for your refill orders. 

  • Remember, closed system pods will come pre-filled and open pod systems will need to be filled. 


The Power of Pod Systems

Pod systems are generally considered to be more powerful than cartridge systems. However, they are not always as powerful as box mod vape systems.  This means that if you’re looking for something with more power than a pod system, you may want to look into a box mod system.

  • Pod systems can withstand regular use and long term storage. 
  • Unless you require your vape system to pack a big punch, a pod system will be strong enough for most vapers. 
  • Pod system batteries are, on average, 500mAh, which provides plenty of power for intense, clean hits at a low temperature. 
  • Some pod systems do have adjustable temperature controls and power settings which can often mimic the power output of a box mod system.

When to Replace The Pod

Whether or not you choose an open or closed pod system, you will need to replace your pods

  • Closed pods will need to be replaced more often as there is no way to refill the pods. 
  • Open pods on average will last around 10-20 refills before they need to be replaced. 
  • Pods made from plastic components will wear out faster than pods that are made from metal or ceramic. 
  • Initially, it can seem costly having to buy new empty pods every 10-20 uses. 
  • The costs of the pod system, however, are not usually as high as the costs associated with maintaining a box mod system. 
  • Pods keep the entire vaporizer system contained so that rather than spending time and money on replacement parts you simply use a new pod. 


Charging Your Pod System

Most pod systems use a micro-USB charger for their power source needs. Some systems, however, still use proprietary chargers, and you might want to purchase a backup

  • You are always safest using the charger that comes with your vape system. 
  • Do not use your phone charger. Those chargers are usually meant for a battery that can handle a more powerful charge and can burn out your battery. 
  • It can also be helpful to pick up a small portable battery for on the go charging for your vape system. 


Portability of Pod Systems

These systems are deceptively small. Most pod batteries are usually 4 inches tall and less than a half-inch thick. While this makes them incredibly convenient for on the go vaping it can make it challenging to keep track of your vape.

  • Carrying cases can be an easy way to keep track of your vape, pods, and even let you charge your vape while it’s in the case. 
  • Lanyards can also be an easy and great way to make your vape visible whenever you’re around the house. 
  • One other massive advantage of vape pod systems is their affordability. 
  • The cost makes it easy to have a backup battery on hand in case your primary vape is missing.


Try a Pod System Starter Kit

If all the different parts and brands are confusing to you, worry not. Most of the vaporizer brands have come out with their own starter kits. These kits include all the accessories you need to get your pod vaporizer up and running. These kits often come with warranties that can cover the parts of your vaporizer that are not meant to be replaced.


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As you can see, there are some useful tips above to assist you in choosing your first or next pod system. We can also help you better decide if you have more questions, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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